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Create amazing designs, documents and presentations in minutes for all your creative projects and studying needs. Learn more about Canva for Students.
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Free template library

Canva has thousands of free, high quality templates on any subject or topic imaginable, to help you ace your studies. No need to start from scratch!

Check out our top templates for students below.

Top templates for students

Studying doesn’t have to be boring!

There’s no reason why studying has to be dull, dry, and unimaginative. With Canva, you can bring study notes to life, level up your learning and have fun whilst you’re at it!

Plan projects with mind maps, or collaborate with others by using our huge range of interactive templates – perfect for visually managing your projects and connecting the details together.

You can also keep on top of classes and study sessions with schedules, outline essays, not to mention flashcards to help you retain the necessary details!

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Study templates

Group work templates on desktop

Collaborate together in Canva

Equipped with features to encourage collaboration, you can manage your study groups, and ace all your group projects, no matter where you all are. Here’s our step-by-step guide!

Group work templates


Regardless of how you need to present to your group or class, we’ve got you covered. You can present live (in-person or virtually), or record yourself talking over your presentation, and share. We’ve got an amazing collection of free, quality templates for you to put your own unique touches on.

You can also download your presentation to PowerPoint, or even publish it as a responsive website, to make it even easier to access.

Student presenting

Tips and resources

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