Crop Your Images for Trim, Precise Compositions

Try our easy-to-use cropping tools to crop any image down to size to balance your designs or beautifully reframe your photography.

Crop images to mix up your compositions

What exactly is cropping? Cropping is removing parts of a photo to change its size. There are plenty of ways to use our image cropper: you can crop a photo so that its shape fits well with the rest of your design, or you can crop to alter the focus and composition of a photo. Combined with our extensive image library, cropping is an excellent way to create a wide variety of different images and impressions.

Double-click any image to crop it quickly and easily

Double-click any photo or select it and click the “Crop” button and we’ll draw a box around the portion that will be cropped. Resize or scale your photo and the cropped area by pulling the anchors on the corners, then click the checkmark once you’re done. Our image cropper is one smart cookie: it will automatically snap in line with other design elements to give your design perfect alignment. You won’t even have to worry about losing data — if you ever want to crop your photo again you’ll see the whole original photo, just like the first time.


Start your project with one of our awesome design grids

Cropping doesn’t need to be a headache ever again! We offer plenty of tools to make sure you have perfectly cropped photos every time. If you want your design to have many photos arranged together, try starting a new project with a design grid. Click on the “Grids” icon in the search pane, then choose one of our many grid layouts. Next, drag and drop images into the empty grid boxes and we’ll crop them for you. No fuss, no muss.

Try frames to crop your images in all kinds of fun shapes

Want to try some fancy cropping with heart shapes, curves, and curly Q’s? With Canva you can create cute scrapbook layouts with frames! Simply click “Frames” in the search pane and scroll past the conventional, rectangular frames to reveal our wide selection of artful frames, ready for your photos. Add the frame to your design, drag a photo inside, and we’ll crop it just right for your frame, no matter the size or shape.


Tweak every cropped image with our cropping tool

A great artist isn’t done until every brush stroke is placed just so. Even when you use design grids or frames, Canva puts you in charge: to manually adjust the cropping of any photo, select the box and click “Crop.” Then scale and tweak your image until you get the most out of the photo. You can even try cropping the same photo in different ways to give your design a mosaic feel.