Add Stellar Photo Effects to Make Your Photos Magnificent

Add Stellar Photo Effects to Make Your Photos Magnificent

Apply whimsical, soft photo filters

We have a bounty of photo filters to choose from for all kinds of occasions. Select the “Rosie” filter for a rose-wrapped look perfect for lovers and tender moments. Or try our “Retro” filter for that scrapbook-inspired vintage effect that’s all the rage. You can click through all of our filters to see what looks best for your stunning subjects. If one of our filters doesn’t look so great after all, never fear! Simply click “Normal” and your photo will go right back to the start, good as new.

Make your images bold with striking photo filters

Our photo filters aren’t all pumpkin spice and hand-knit sweaters — we have plenty of mysterious, seductive photo filters too! Try our “Nordic” filter to give you photo the cool, muted tones of gazing across the Baltic Sea or enjoying a San Francisco morning. Choose the “Epic” filter to punch up your photos and grant them gravitas with high contrast colors and a retro twinge. Our “Street” filter can give your pictures the weight of black and white with a dash of worn color and a heavy vignette. We have photo filters for every mood!


Introducing the blur slider

Want to get rid of harsh angles and blemishes? Make your photos dreamy and soft with the blur slider. Simply select your photo and open the filter window, then click “advanced options” to reveal a treasure trove of photo editor sliders. Move the blur slider to the right to gently blur your photo. You can even watch your photo become wispy-er before you eyes as the blur slider updates in real time. Keep sliding until every bit and bump looks soft, creamy, and glamorous.

Add a stunning black and white effect

Want your photos to be more Ingrid Bergman than Natalie Portman? Infuse your photo with the smoky style of old by converting your photo to a stunning black and white! From the filter view, drag the saturation slider all the way to the left to drain the color from your photo. Next, to give your image the full black and white film effect, adjust the brightness and contrast sliders to give you photo stark lines and strong silhouettes.


Change the look and feel of your images with saturation and tint

Color says everything about the mood of a photo. We give you the tools and features to dress your photos’ colors up and make them sing. From the filter window, move the saturation slider to the right to enrich your colors so you reds become redder and your blues become bluer. You can also alter your photo’s whole color palette with the tint slider. For example, give your photo and orangish tint to make it look summery and sunkissed, or give your photo a blue tint to show it how to stretch out and relax.