Apply a vignette filter to your photos with Canva to lend your shots a dramatic tone or heap on the retro chic.

When you discover a box of photos in grandma’s attic, after you are able to overcome how gorgeous everyone looks and succumb to your nostalgia for a time when gentlemen wore hats, you can’t help but appreciate the prints themselves: old photographs have so much character, and now yours can too.

Don’t spend big bucks on eBay for a vintage camera to get brilliant retro photo effects. Add photo vignette to any image with our vignette filter! You can even create vignette effects using your phone or tablet. Just download Canva for your iPhone, iPad or Android device for free.

Canva brings digital vignetting to the social media age

In grandma’s box of photos, vignetting is the rounded darkening around the edges of a picture. In film photography, the effect is a byproduct of cheaper cameras that don’t fully shield light from penetrating the camera. Today you can get the same effect by clicking “Filter” on any photo and adjusting the vignette slider. Adding vignette can inject your photos with a variety of different moods, or enhance your composition.

Apply a vignette filter for old-timey memories

Start by dipping your toe into the vignette pool. You can apply a slight vignette by nudging the slider just a smidgen to the right to give your photos and antique, lived-in feel. Continue to experiment with all of our sliders until your photo looks richly retro. Subtle filters are perfect for adding period photos to your designs or mixing classic and modern subjects.

Combine photo vignette with grayscale images to strike a darkened tone

Combine a vignette filter with a grayscale image to give your photo a dramatic, spooky feel. You can even easily turn any photo monochrome by adjusting the saturation slider all the way down. Your Halloween invitations and black metal album covers need never go unadorned again.

Bring attention to the center with heavy vignetting

Aside from adding to your photo’s tone, a vignette filter can be used to enhance a photo’s presentation and composition. Try a heavy vignette to pull the viewer’s eye to the center of the photo. Play with creative cropping and negative space to produce photos that are warm, balanced, and ready to place anywhere.

Apply vignetting across designs with filter codes

Don’t try to get lightning to strike twice! If you spent all afternoon adjusting sliders, make sure you hold on to your custom filter. Once you have the perfect vignette carefully combined with our other sliders, save it for later to use again and again in all your designs. Simply open the “Filter” window and copy the filter code, then paste it onto any photo to recreate your expertly crafted look and feel.