Present your data as visually-stunning graphs using Canva’s free and online graph tools

Whether you need to compare and contrast different numbers, track changes across a given time period, show relationships between two or more data sets, or illustrate an organization’s structure, graphs and charts are a great way to present your data in a visual and easily digestible way.  

With Canva, you can design your own professional-quality graphs without the need to hire a graphic designer. Canva does all the work for you — just type in your labels and values or copy and paste them from a sheet and watch as Canva builds a custom graph or chart. For more structural charts like Venn Diagrams, Organization Charts and Mind Maps, we have ready-made templates that are just waiting for you to customize and edit using Canva’s suite of powerful yet easy to use design tools. 

Afterwards, you can easily add your new graph or chart into any other document in Canva. Up your visual content game by embedding your graphs and charts into your social media posts, blog graphics and infographics. Keep your audience engaged by adding them to your presentations or help readers of your magazines, brochures, reports, proposals, resumes, and more digest information easier.

Click any of the graph types below to get started and find out just how amazingly simple design can be with Canva.