Track and present your data with a Line Graph and add it to any report or document on Canva for free!

Keep your data in line with Canva’s Line Graph Maker

Whether it’s to compare and contrast time, distance or to track changes across a given time period, line graphs are a handy way to present your data visually. Add one to your report easily and quickly with the help of Canva.

Fully online and collaborative, Canva lets you create your design with the help of your team or colleagues. Just input your data by manually entering your values and labels or by copying and pasting an existing table straight into the editor. Then sit back and relax as Canva builds your graph for you.

Create a line graph in Canva with the easy steps:

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own line graph design.
  2. Select “Charts” under the elements tab or search for “Charts” in the search tab.
  3. Choose the “Line Graph” icon.
  4. Click “Data” on the toolbar to enter or copy and paste your custom labels and values.
  5. Customize details like line colors and label fonts.
  6. Save and Share.

Collaborate with your team

Team projects are easy-peasy in Canva because everything is done online and stored on the cloud. Just share a link to an editable copy of your design with your team and they’ll be able to add their own inputs or edits easily. Because it’s on cloud, they can access it from their own laptops, desktops, iOS and Android devices anytime, anywhere.

Easily add or input data to create your graph

Start building your line graph by clicking on the “Data” button on the toolbar. A table will pop up with some default values. Edit this by manually typing in your numbers and categories or copy and paste an existing table. Plus, clicking on any marker in the line graph will highlight the relevant cell on the table so you can easily identify and edit a given value.

Choose colors, fonts, and add data labels

Personalize your graph to reflect your brand colors or preferences by going to the color palette tool. This is especially helpful when you want to distinguish one line graph from another to easily compare data. You can also use this tool to ensure that your graph matches the color scheme of the rest of your document.