Create a custom Venn Diagram and organize your data sets into easy to digest visuals.

Turn complex data into a stunning visual diagram

Working with data sets and showing correlations and comparisons can be challenging without visuals to aid you. Fortunately, we have  John Venn to thank for coming up with a diagram that can explain complex relationships with something as simple as overlapping circles. Today, Venn Diagrams are widely used in academic and business settings to simplify an otherwise complicated set of data.

You won’t need to be a diagramming or design expert to create the perfect Venn Diagram in Canva. Our team of amazing designers have created professional, ready-to-go templates you can choose from and customize to perfection.  With a suite of easy to use design tools, you have complete control over the design. Plus, being fully online, Canva makes it easy for you to collaborate and work on the design with your team.

Create a Venn Diagram in Canva with these easy steps:

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own Venn Diagram designs.
  2. Choose a template and click on the text and images to start customizing your diagram.
  3. Customize details like colors and fonts.
  4. Choose from our stunning range of graph elements, like frames, shapes and lines.
  5. Save and share.

Customize your diagram’s fonts and colors

Color code your circles to correspond to your data sets. Whether you’re using a 2-circle diagram or a 6-circle one, it’s important to set them apart by varying their colors. With Canva’s color selection tool, you can choose and use any hue from the spectrum. Need to use your own brand colors? It’s as easy as typing in the color hex code and pressing enter.

Collaborate on the design with a team

Because Canva is fully online, working with a team is a breeze. Get a partner’s input by sending them a link to an editable copy of your design. Just click share and tick the box that gives them editing access. Once they have the link, your team can access your design from anywhere in the world, through any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Add images or icons to your diagram

Images can sometimes express more than words can so why not use icons, illustrations or photos on your diagram instead of text? Search Canva’s amazing media library containing more than a million stock graphics and images to find one that suits your needs. Then, just drag and drop it into the editor and resize or crop as needed.