Compare and contrast multiple sets of data with a 5 -circle Venn Diagram from Canva.

Illustrate a 5-circle Venn Diagram quickly and easily

Imagine having to explain five complex concepts with just text — there’s a huge chance your audience would find it difficult to process. Instead, give them the rundown at at glance with a beautifully illustrated 5-circle Venn Diagram from Canva.

Worried about your design skills? You don’t need to be! Our amazing Canva design team has already come up with a number of beautiful Venn Diagram templates you can simply choose from then use our easy design tools to customize colors and fonts. Use your new 5-set Venn Diagram alongside thousands of other Canva templates to create the best report, presentation, social media post and more.

Create a Venn Diagram in Canva with the easy steps:

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own 5-circle venn diagram designs.
  2. Choose a template and click on the text and images to start customizing your diagram.
  3. Customize details like colors and fonts.
  4. Choose from our stunning range of graph elements, like frames, shapes and lines.
  5. Save and share.

Design your Venn Diagram with a team

Canva makes collaborating on a project both fun and easy. If you’re working with a team on your diagram design, you can allow them access to incorporate their inputs and edits directly into your design. Just click on the share button, tick the box to give them editing access and send them the generated link. Because Canva is fully online, you and your team can access your design anytime from anywhere in the world and on any computer or iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Customize colors and fonts

Set each data set apart by using different colors for each circle. Use Canva’s color selection tool to pick any hue or type in a color hex code to use a specific color. Make sure add clear labels to your Venn Diagram and choose from any of the beautiful fonts in Canva to really match your style or tone of your document.

Add illustrations or icons to your diagram

If text just won’t cut it, then you can always add illustrations, icons or even photos to your diagram. Head over to the elements tab to start your search. Canva’s amazing media library holds more than a million stock images and illustrations to suit your purpose. Everything you need to create the perfect Venn Diagram is right at your fingertips!