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Introducing Canva’s first-ever podcast: Design Surfaces

We’re excited to introduce Canva’s very first podcast: Design Surfaces. Covering all areas of design, from brand campaigns to UX flows, the podcast digs deep into the intricate parts of designers’ brains to unearth valuable insights, unique perspectives, and what makes them tick.

The Design specialty at Canva is made up of some of the most talented designers in the world. We have an amazing team of more than 690 designers globally across our Brand Creation, Visual Design, and Product Design practices – all with stories to tell and insights to share.

That’s why we’re thrilled to launch Canva’s first podcast, ‘Design Surfaces’. Hosted by Canva’s Head of Design, Andrew Green, it explores the diverse and impactful work happening across the different design surface areas at Canva. Each episode features a candid conversation with a designer, delving into their unique journeys, what inspires them, and the fascinating stories behind their craft.

Here’s a peek into what you can expect from the first five episodes.

Episode 1: Cameron Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

In the podcast’s very first episode, our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Cameron Adams(opens in a new tab or window) sits down with Andrew to dive into the evolving landscape of design, the critical role of taste, and the transformative impact of AI on creativity. They discuss the future of Canva and where the company is headed, while also sharing their own personal journeys through design in a conversation that's a mix of nostalgia, future-gazing, and solid advice on making your mark in the design universe.

Cameron Adams quote about needing a strong opinion for solutions, rather than slowly iterating - but the opinion needs to be battle-tested.
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Episode 2: Jess Faccin, Principal Product Designer

Jess Faccin is a Principal Product Designer leading Canva’s Magic Studio(opens in a new tab or window). She reveals the wholesome origin story behind why she wanted to become a designer and her special way of processing and communicating information thanks to a unique condition. Jess also explains how she’s turned a very relatable personality trait into her superpower. If you’re intrigued by this conversation, you can also read more about Jess’ approach to infusing magic into Canva’s AI-powered products(opens in a new tab or window).

Jess Faccin quote saying she combines data and research with visual design for a holistic experience that is seen but mostly felt.
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Episode 3: Rob Kawalsky, Head of Product

Andrew sits down with Head of Product Rob Kawalsky to discuss his career journey to Canva, the wild world of Product Design, and his passion for entrepreneurship. Rob dives deep into the vital teamwork between Design and Product and the chaos of ambition, providing a peek behind the curtain of the foundations of Canva.

Quote from Rob Kawalsky about being the biggest critic of a product you're working closely on, as you're living in the future state of what it could be.

Episode 4: Kookie Santos, Graphic Designer

Kookie Santos is a Graphic Designer in the Templates team who delves into her design journey, from childhood inspiration to navigating creativity within a banking-oriented family. Kookie shares insights on pushing boundaries, nurturing creativity, and safeguarding space for deep work at Canva, offering profound perspectives on design philosophy.

Quote from Kookie Santos saying her anchor is to be playful and loose with her work because it comes out more truthfully.

Episode 5: Amelia Marshall, Content Design Lead

In this inspiring episode, Amelia shares her journey from journalism to leading Canva's Content Design team, overcoming imposter syndrome, and the power of feedback in career growth. Discover the impact of Content Design on business success and the importance of team dynamics, hiring for potential, and fostering a culture of experimentation.

Quote from Amelia about a design principle being "weigh up every line" because every word adds to the cognitive load of a user.

The first episode(opens in a new tab or window) is out now, with new episodes dropping weekly! Look for Design Surfaces on all good streaming platforms.

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