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  • Employee Appreciation Day: Shout out to Canva’s Vibe Team

Employee Appreciation Day: Shout out to Canva’s Vibe Team

We’ve boiled our culture down to one key factor: amazing people.

Since day one, our goal at Canva has been to create a one-of-a-kind culture where everyone at Canva around the world is inspired to do the best work of our lives. We’ve rapidly grown to an incredible team of more than 2,800 around the globe, working from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Philippines, China, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, as well as a range of remote locations.

We’ve boiled our culture down to one key factor: amazing people around the world all living our values. We’re incredibly lucky to have a talented team that works to not only empower our community across the globe, but also to empower each other.

That’s why this Employee Appreciation Day, we want to give a big shout out to the team that makes us feel appreciated every day, our amazing Vibe team!

As part of the People Group, our amazing Vibe team is responsible for the ‘vibe’ at Canva, curating a global workplace experience that captures and highlights our values. Vibies focus on how we feel – by creating memorable moments and surprises, organising quirky celebrations, and curating a social environment that encourages us to be our true selves, our team is able to do their best work and make an impact, every day.

Here are just some of the many ways that our Vibies are helping to build the culture that makes Canva special, and make every day Employee Appreciation Day…

Fun and quirky celebrations

Celebrations have always been a core part of Canva’s culture. They've become an important way of bringing our global team together to celebrate our crazy big goals and to plan for the future. The Vibe team does an amazing job of helping us celebrate everyone no matter where in the world they are – think dance classes, cooking classes, surfing lessons and more. We’ve celebrated some of our milestone goals in various creative ways, including hosting a mini La Tomatina festival when we launched in Spanish, and painting an office mural of the word ‘creativity’ in 100 languages to mark Canva being available in 100 languages. Even when we found ourselves working from home, our Vibies kept the celebrations alive by setting up online games, shipping out vouchers, hosting online cooking classes and sending quirky gift boxes to Canvanauts around the world.

A Hybrid Dance class for a Video Group Team Bonding event

A pizza class with our chefs on the Sydney office rooftop

A mural paint party in our Austin office

Pop up surprises

Our Vibe team loves to surprise everyone with creative and fun pop up gifts to not only show our appreciation for the team, but to create special, memorable moments. A few of my favourite memories include surprise rainbow cupcakes to celebrate Pride Week, or when the Vibies paraded through the office equipped with a boombox playing Enya and hundreds of chocolate bunnies to gift to the team. We’ve also been fortunate to have pop up massages, haircuts and so much more.

Pride Week in the Sydney office

Taco Tuesday in the Austin office

Lantern Festival in the Beijing office

Delightful onboarding

While we’re growing incredibly fast, we also spend a lot of time making sure every new starter (affectionately known as ‘Newbies’) at Canva feels welcome from the outset. From pancake breakfasts for those in the office to shipping out welcome boxes full of Canva swag, our Vibe Team loves nothing more than making Newbies feel welcome. It can also be daunting to begin working in a new space, which is why our Vibe team runs regular office tours for those joining in-office to help our Newbies familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. With 1,350 Newbies starting last year, our Vibies have been busy!

Office tours

Virtual Newbie lunch

Onboarding swag


As we rapidly scale our global team, it’s important to keep everyone in the loop on all of the many happenings at Canva. Every Monday, the Vibe team sends the ‘Canvazine’ in our offices around the world. It’s a great summary of everything that’s going on at Canva and a fun and engaging way to keep the team informed. Think upcoming events, workshops, birthdays, Canvaversaries, product updates, community stories and more.

The Birthday Wheel

One of our longest running traditions at Canva is the Canva Birthday Wheel. Every week, Canvanauts celebrating their birthday get to spin the wheel for a surprise gift. When we shifted to remote work, the wheel changed from an in-office celebration to a celebratory Zoom call with an online wheel which we’ve now maintained for global inclusivity!

So, this Employee Appreciation Day, thank you to the amazing Canva Vibe Team all around the world – for making Canva a truly special place to work.

If our quirky celebrations and unique culture sound like something you’d like to be a part of, we’re hiring – learn more and apply at careers.canva.com.