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Introducing Magic Studio: the power of AI, all in one place

As we celebrate a decade of empowering the world to design, we’re once again reimagining the design process. Meet Magic Studio: one of our biggest product launches ever.

When we launched Canva ten years ago(opens in a new tab or window), the proliferation of the internet and smartphones made it possible for us to reimagine the future of design. Since then, we’ve brought the power of visual communication to 150 million people all over the world, in hundreds of languages, and on all kinds of devices. But just as we were a decade ago, we're once again standing in front of another major shift in technology – this time, fuelled by artificial intelligence.

As teams grapple with the need to do more with less, it’s difficult to make the most of the many new AI tools that are either geared towards professional designers, only do one specific thing, or are scattered across different complex platforms. That’s why today, as we accelerate our mission of empowering the whole world to design, we're excited to unveil the future of Canva with our most game-changing launchever.

Introducing Magic Studio(opens in a new tab or window): all the power of AI, all in one place.

Collage showing all the AI-powered tools in the Magic Studio suite

Whether you’re an individual, a team, or a large organisation, with Magic Studio there’s no need to toggle between multiple AI tools or learn lots of different software – all the best of AI is at your fingertips. Created for the 99% of the world without complex design skills, Magic Studio is jam-packed with easy-to-use AI-powered features across every part of Canva to help you work smarter.

These new features don’t just improve the creative process. Magic Studio is here to redefine what and how you create with Canva. From igniting inspiration to scaling your content, Magic Studio supercharges every part of your workflow. More than just fun tools, each of our Magic Studio products has been created to solve real problems: generate eye-catching content, fast-track your first draft, automate tasks, design like an expert, and so much more. Let’s take a look.

Watch your thoughts take shape with Magic Design™

We all have those moments where a blank page seems too much to tackle. To speed up the entire design process, we’re introducing a whole new way to create engaging content with Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window).

Magic Design turns your ideas into designs in an instant. No matter what you’re making, all you need is a written prompt, or you can start by uploading your media. From your request, Magic Design takes it up another level by identifying exactly what you need and quickly creating sophisticated, curated designs – just for you, in a matter of seconds. Personalise it or apply your company’s Brand Kit, and you're on your way.

Magic Design for Video

While Magic Design can be used to kickstart any design, one of our most innovative features yet is what it can do for video creation(opens in a new tab or window). With a rapidly increasing appetite for video content across multiple channels, it’s difficult to keep up with everything you need to create – until now. Magic Design for Video helps you skip over editing by creating shareable, engaging, and professional videos in a matter of seconds.

It does the heavy lifting for you by transforming your media into a cohesive and compelling story. Simply upload your images and videos, tell Magic Design what kind of video you want made, then watch as it creates your video, selects music recommendations, and uses Beat Sync(opens in a new tab or window) to time your content perfectly to your choice of song.

Magic Design for Presentations

Magic Design also lets you get a head start on your next Presentation(opens in a new tab or window). Just type your idea in a few words, and watch slides fill with a unified story, outline, and content – and even apply your company’s branding with just one click. In just a few seconds, you'll have a custom, professional presentation in your company's fonts and colours that follows the best practices for visual storytelling.

Once your first draft is done, you can focus on adding details and a unique touch. With Magic Design doing the hard work, you'll have even more time to invest in making stand-out presentations.

Transform and localize in a flash with Magic Switch™

Taking a design and converting it into a completely different format – including updating the layout and rewriting the copy – was once a long and laborious task. That’s why we’re excited to launch Magic Switch, a world-first tool that miraculously transforms everything in your design with the click of a button.

Now, you can transform the content of decks into a summary doc or blog post, instantly reformat your design into multiple versions for any platform or channel, and auto-translate your designs without leaving the page.

Magic Switch makes it effortless to instantly scale your content into multi-channel campaigns in seconds. Just choose which format you want to switch to, then watch as all your messaging, elements, and contents are miraculously reformatted – even into different languages.

Turn a whiteboard of ideas into a company-wide email, presentation slides into a Japanese blog post, or an Instagram ad into a poster in Spanish with the click of a button – automatically saved in a folder and ready to share. With Magic Switch in your toolkit, you’ll banish time-consuming and mundane tasks from your (or your design team’s) to-do list – and win back more time for creativity.

Easy AI-powered image editing

Thanks to some exciting new time-saving features, we’re also taking image editing with Canva(opens in a new tab or window) to a whole new level.

Magic Grab

Need an effortless way to move subjects or edit elements in your photos? Magic Grab(opens in a new tab or window) makes any image editable, just like a Canva template, letting you redesign and rework your images without hours of editing or training.

Use Magic Grab to select and separate the subject of your photo, making it an editable element that you can edit, reposition, or resize – or customise the picture with text, stickers, and more. You can also use Magic Grab to quickly update any text in an image, including a photo of a document or screenshot.

Magic Expand

Want to see the bigger picture? Magic Expand(opens in a new tab or window) uses AI to go beyond the border and lets you fix awkward framing, expand zoomed-in images, or effortlessly turn a vertical shot into a horizontal one.

In seconds, you can recover whatever's just outside the frame, like more of the landscape, and get the perfect shot you need for your design.

Magic Morph

With Magic Morph(opens in a new tab or window), you can transform any text or shape using a simple written prompt, making each part of your design unique. Magic Morph applies any effect to add flair to text or a shape, quickly create elements and textures, or spark creative ideas. Have a Christmas, spring, or back-to-school promotion coming up? Let Magic Morph add fun, themed effects across all the text and elements in your flyers or Instagram reels.

Keeping your designs unified is easy, too – Magic Morph can auto-apply the same style through all of your elements for a consistent, purposeful look.

Whatever your skill set, all these epic editing features are here to help you save time from tedious updates and unachievable effects. Magic Studio makes the whole process effortless.

Magic Edit

Let’s say your image isn’t quite right – you want to change the colour of an object, or swap the background for something else. With Magic Edit, you can now add to, replace, or edit your image with a short written prompt.

Simply select where you want to see the change, write your prompt, and watch as your image transforms in seconds. You can even edit your whole image, like swapping day for night. With Magic Edit, anyone can now make complex edits or create something completely new in just seconds, not hours.

Push what’s possible with Magic Media™

AI media generation means the perfect visual asset is always at your fingertips – even if it doesn’t exist yet. Building on the success of Text to Image, our Magic Media tool can now also generate short videos from a simple text prompt, or from an existing image in Canva.

Cut down on the hours spent sketching, concepting, rendering, or searching – simply write a prompt and watch it become a professional photo, 3D image, artwork, or short video. No complex design skills needed – just dream it up, and add it to your design.

If it’s an image you’re after, you can access the best AI image-generation apps in Canva to turn your imagination into reality. Magic Media is now joined by DALL·E by OpenAI, and Imagen by Google Cloud in our app marketplace. Once you’ve generated an image, play with Canva’s Photo Editor to make it perfect, or remix it entirely to get what you’re looking for.

Bring designs to life with Magic Animate

Motion immediately captivates an audience, but until now, adding animation to designs has been time-consuming and complex. With one click, Magic Animate(opens in a new tab or window) brings your entire design alive with animations and transitions. Instantly add the wow factor, streamline your transitions, reflect your brand's personality, and ensure your next presentation(opens in a new tab or window) or video(opens in a new tab or window) leaves a lasting impression.

You can say goodbye to manually selecting and positioning animations and transitions in your design. Instead, use Magic Animate to add them to your design instantly – no skills or special software required. Magic Animate also aligns the timings for you, so everything flows together perfectly.

Magic Write™ – in your brand voice

Canva's already-popular writing assistant Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) has helped millions of people write more than one billion words since launching in 2022. With a simple prompt, you can generate a first draft, or summarise or expand a piece of text. It's the perfect way to banish writer's block, increase your output, and make your writing more impactful. Today, we’re taking it up a notch.

Not only does Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) conquer the ‘battle of the blank page,’ by drafting your copy so you can skip straight to the refining phase, but our latest version with a built-in brand voice feature will also check your writing against your brand’s distinct tone. Whether it’s a social post or a company-wide newsletter, you'll be confident that you – or anyone on your team – are hitting the right note every time.

Weave Canva into your workflow with AI-powered apps

The Canva app marketplace(opens in a new tab or window) brings together a library of world-leading partner-made AI apps(opens in a new tab or window) right inside Canva so you can power up your creative process even more with the best AI-powered design and productivity tools on the market, all in one place.

Find and use your favourites, including those by Google and OpenAI. Explore new ways to streamline workflows and elevate your designs with high-quality music, unique illustrations, talking avatars, and much more from the likes of Murf AI, Soundraw, Heygen, D-ID, and Mojo AI, and a range of other apps(opens in a new tab or window).

Canva Shield: Safe and responsible AI-powered features

We’re committed to ensuring Canva is a safe, private, and secure platform for any workplace. That’s why we’re also introducing Canva Shield(opens in a new tab or window) – an industry-leading collection of robust safety, privacy, and security controls designed to provide teams and organisations with peace of mind when creating content. We take our approach to safe and responsible AI seriously, and these stringent built-in safety and security controls protect you, your team, and your data as you design. For enterprise customers, Canva Shield also includes indemnification, providing additional peace of mind for organisations creating content with AI.

By default, Canva doesn't use your content, which includes media you upload or text in your designs, to train our AI models – however, if you’d like Canva to learn from your content to help improve our AI technology, you can choose to opt into this via your Privacy preferences. If you do, we have strict controls and policies in place to protect your privacy and you can change your preferences at any time.

Want some people on your team to access Magic Studio features, but not others? It’s easy to manage your team's access to the AI-powered tools available.

Role-based permissions let you assign access to AI-powered features by role type. You can access the controls from your admin panel to easily update and change your permissions. Adjust and add controls as your team evolves and grows.

As well as making AI safe, we want it to be fair, too. Creators are at the heart of our community and play a vital role in Canva, so we’re excited to introduce a $200 million commitment in competitive content and AI royalties for our creator community over the next three years. We won’t ever use the data of Canva Creators(opens in a new tab or window) without their explicit permission, but for those who opt-in, the Creator Compensation Program will pay them to have their content used to train our proprietary AI models. It’s our way of embracing our responsibility to ensure we’re offering AI-powered tools that are firmly grounded in transparency, as well as ethical and fair practices every step of the way.

All of this and more is available to explore right now. We can’t wait to see what magic you’ll create. Jump in and get started with Magic Studio here(opens in a new tab or window)

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