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  1. Introducing Canva Work Kits: Making every employee a designer

Introducing Canva Work Kits: Making every employee a designer

Meet Canva Work Kits: designed to empower every part of the workplace to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals with a collection of best-in-class templates, resources, apps, and integrations.

As we mark the start of our second decade of Canva, we’re evolving our product to meet the needs of every team and organisation across the globe. We know the importance of visual communication has rapidly increased – and not just for designers. Creating effective visual content has become table stakes for every profession, industry, and department. As our 2023 Visual Economy Report(opens in a new tab or window) showed, compelling visuals lead to greater engagement, faster growth, and stronger business outcomes.

As the proliferation of visual content intensifies, our goal at Canva is to empower every part of the workplace to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals, including those without traditional design training.

That’s why today, we’re thrilled to unveil Canva Work Kits: four tailored hubs within Canva for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Creative teams, each with a curated collection of resources, templates, and tools to help you do your best work.

A range of different templates for every team across Canva Work Kits

Supercharge your work with Canva Work Kits

Canva consolidates a huge number of tools, and now, all the right ones are in one place. Each Work Kit is brimming with easy-access, ready-to-use, brandable resources, inspiration, tutorials, templates, creative ingredients, and apps, all categorized by job function and designed to help you and your team level up your visual communication.

As well as creating high-impact, on-brand, and engaging visual materials, you’ll be able to scale productivity and collaboration to streamline your workflows and get any job done in record time. Unlock playbooks and templates, then bring your team on the journey to start innovating on projects with Canva’s real-time collaboration.

Along with specialised tools at your fingertips, you’ll also find best-in-class content and tutorials for your profession from industry experts – all designed to spark inspiration, give you a headstart on your work, and level up your craft.

We’ve designed each Work Kit based on how our own teams use Canva, as well as the stories and feedback we hear from our customers and community.

Let’s take a look at what’s in each of them!

Canva Work Kit for Sales Teams

Sales teams – we know you need to make a lasting and effective first impression with your content – which often needs to be turned around lightning-fast. Yet, today’s Sales teams are increasingly time-poor as they face intensive quotas and creative bottlenecks. They need to automate workflows to maximise face-to-face time with customers, with easy-to-use tools that integrate into existing tech stacks.

Along with practical playbooks and insightful articles on topics like creating visually impactful sales pitches, the Sales Work Kit features bespoke templates that make whipping up professional sales assets a breeze. Handily categorized by the everyday tasks Sales teams face, you’ll find templates for everything from on-brand proposal decks to one-pagers that engage existing customers, or visual reports that help you track goals with your team.

You’ll also find a section of tutorials, videos, case studies, and other educational resources, along with a curated collection of business-critical apps, tools, and integrations that help Sales teams work smarter, not harder, such as HubSpot, Sharepoint, and Cloze.

Read more about what’s in the Sales Marketing Kit(opens in a new tab or window).

Canva Work Kit for Marketing Teams

The Marketing Work Kit is designed to help marketers navigate a more complex landscape than ever before. Balancing creativity and ROI, keeping up with ‘tech sprawl’, wrangling inefficient workflows, and meeting increasingly ambitious KPIs are all challenges we know marketing teams face. These days, achieving cut-through and scaling brands comes with high effort and cost, yet marketing teams are increasingly expected to do more with less(opens in a new tab or window).

The Work Kit for Marketing Teams includes insightful articles on topics such as creating cut-through content, while curated templates let you start your day-to-day tasks inspired, with everything from marketing strategies to campaign kickoffs, launch roadmaps, and retros. Create and scale marketing content, collaborate internally, and manage content calendars and approvals using resources right at your fingertips.

Level up your craft with tutorials, videos, case studies, and other educational resources, and elevate your workflow with access to apps, tools, and integrations popular with Marketing teams such as Asana, Later, Patterned AI, and many more.

Read more about what’s in the Marketing Work Kit(opens in a new tab or window).

Canva Work Kit for Creative Teams

In a world where consumers hold brands to higher standards than ever before, the role of Creative teams in maintaining brand consistency is crucial – but increasingly difficult with ever-growing, distributed teams. Managing and organising timelines, priorities, and projects is also a juggle, and you’re often bogged down with bottlenecks of requests for small design tasks that take time away from more high-impact work.

The Creatives Work Kit is designed by creatives for creatives to alleviate these common challenges. Insightful articles and playbooks give guidance on topics such as effective design and building brand identities while creating high-quality visual content at scale, maintaining brand consistency across teams, and managing operations and reviews are all simplified with the library of bespoke templates.

Discover tutorials, videos, case studies, and other educational resources on topics such as design fundamentals, brand management, and design workflows, plus a curated selection of relevant apps, tools, and integrations such as Brandfolder, Acquia DAM, Bynder, and more.

What’s more, equipping other teams in your organisation such as Marketing, HR, and Sales with their own Work Kits helps lift the load on Creative teams as it empowers them to confidently design their own materials.

Read more about what’s in the Creatives Work Kit(opens in a new tab or window).

Canva Work Kit for HR Teams

The role of HR and People teams has many facets and priorities. Building an employer brand that stands out is vital to attracting top talent; meanwhile, you need to effectively communicate to your employees in a way that both builds trust and captures their attention. However, HR teams have limited time, budget, and design resources. They’re also grappling with an ever-growing HR tech stack, and need to find ways to cut through to an increasingly hybrid workforce.

The HR Work Kit is full of resources covering everything from talent brand and talent acquisition to onboarding, learning and development, and internal communications. Creating comprehensive, engaging visual materials just got a lot easier with a collection of templates including everything from job advertisements to onboarding plans, employee handbooks, employee town hall presentations, and engaging policy documents.

Level up your HR and Internal Communications practice with insightful content, customer case studies, and educational resources, and directly access useful apps and integrations such as, SharePoint, and Job and Resume AI.

Read more about what’s in the HR Work Kit(opens in a new tab or window).

What’s next

Today, more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Canva to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals. Now, with Work Kits for Sales, Marketing, Creative, and HR teams, supercharging your work, scaling your productivity, and driving impactful results is easier than ever.

At today’s Canva Create(opens in a new tab or window) event, alongside Work Kits we unveiled a whole new suite of tools for organisations to empower even more teams to achieve their goals. With more than 180 million people now using our products in every corner of the globe, we’re moving steadily toward our vision of making Canva the ultimate one-stop visual communications shop for every team and workplace.

Want to supercharge your work? Get started with Work Kits(opens in a new tab or window) now.

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