Jul 2012

How it all started

The idea for Canva came about when Melanie Perkins was teaching graphic design programs at university and found students struggled to learn the basics. Partnering with co-founder Cliff Obrecht, the pair launched Fusion Books, an online design tool that made it easy for students and teachers to create their own yearbooks. They soon realised that the technology they'd developed could be used much more broadly. After searching far and wide, they launched Canva with tech co-founder Cameron Adams.

The Founders
Nov 2012

David joined the team

Development Lead

David is lead developer (i.e., troublemaker) and go-to tech guy at Canva. He architects and builds the servers that power the platform, helping users create beautiful designs. Most recently, he was part of the team at Google. You will likely find him making the most of the Sydney lifestyle - either cafe hopping or relaxing at the beach.


+ Mike

Front End Engineer

Mike is part of Canva’s frontend team, pushing pixels and shaping scripts to form intuitive interfaces. When he’s not struggling to come up with alliterative sentences, this Californian is usually reading a book, cooking new recipes, or researching other places to visit in his oft-deferred trip around the world.

Dec 2012

+ Hazel

Special Projects

Being with Canva since the start has made Hazel a jill-of-all-trades. Originally a Customer Happiness Lead, she now works closely with several teams across Canva, helping with testing and other special projects. In her spare time, Hazel loves hanging out with her family, finding new tracks on Spotify and reading the latest novels.

Feb 2013

+ Mervyn

Accounting Manager

Mervyn (aka "Swervin") is our accounting manager and has been with Canva since February, 2013. He originally hails from "The Emerald Isle," and moved to Sydney in September, 2012.

March 2013

+ Jim


Jim Tyrrell (rhymes with "squirrel") is part of the talented engineering team that helps make Canva run. He is a graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney, and was previously a software engineer at VMware. Originally from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Jim now calls Sydney his home. When he’s not coding, he is likely enjoying the outdoors or road-tripping.


+ Zach

Chief Storyteller

Zach is our PR and marketing guy. Always pitching, he’ll share the Canva vision with anyone who’ll listen. Working across marketing, customer service and design, Zach’s focus is ensuring a great experience for users.

Canva Raised $3.6 million from Great US and Australian Investors

Australian startup Canva has raised a $3 million seed round from top Australian and U.S. investors including Matrix Partners, InterWest Partners and 500 Startups.

Inner west logo
matrix logo

Light it Up

Switch on the light by clicking on the bulb.

May 2013

+ Lee

Director of Stock Photography

Lee is Canva’s stock photography guru. Hailing from Melbourne, he has lived and worked abroad semi-continuously since 2001 though enjoys frequent visits to Canva HQ. He’s responsible for everything related to the amazing stock images you see in Canva. In his spare time, Lee writes the Microstock Diaries blog and has been known to organise an industry conference or two.


+ Patrick


Patrick can be accused of being a developer, designer, author, speaker and consultant. More simply, he likes to be a part of creating experiences that users love. Patrick struggled to write a 60-word bio for Canva despite writing a book about CoffeeScript that contains more words than The Hobbit.

Aug 2013

Canva Launched its Beta and Received an Incredible Response

We launched Canva to the world, allowing everyone to create beautiful designs. Marketers, bloggers and small business owners flocked to Canva to design.

Canva Launches BETA
Sept 2013

+ Andrew


Andrew develops the iPad app at Canva. Before Canva he did contract work, most notably working on the multi-award winning app "Play School Art Maker". Andrew loves to travel, and can't wait to go somewhere new, perhaps Japan, or New Zealand.

Nov 2013

+ Poppie


Poppie Pack is Canva's senior graphic designer. She's responsible for many of Canva's amazing graphics. Poppie's experience includes publishing and branding, which you will see has influenced the style produced on Canva. As one of Canva's resident Kiwis, Poppie has introduced vocabulary such as "crisp" and "totes" into the office vernacular.

Jan 2014

150,000 Amazing People Joined and Helped Spread the Word

Thanks to all your incredible support, we reached 150,000 users and opened publicly.

150,000 Users
Feb 2014

+ Scott

Front End Engineer

Scott helps make the editor look polished and run speedily. He also spends long hours thinking about what ingredients make up good user interfaces. He earned his chops at Atlassian before joining Canva. In his spare time, he likes to design ludicrously difficult puzzle games.

March 2014

+ Nik


Nik is part of Canva’s engineering team. He mainly works on the backend, helping to create the infrastructure that powers Canva. When he’s not coding, you might find Nik reading, catching a movie, travelling or enjoying some of Sydney’s best food.


+ Brendan


Brendan is an engineer on the backend team at Canva. He previously co-founded Cenqua, which was later acquired by Atlassian. Outside of work, Brendan invests his time building ridiculously over-engineered electronic toys for his kids.

April 2014

Guy Kawasaki Joined as Chief Evangelist

Former chief evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki joined Canva and resurrected his famous title from Apple.

Guy Kawasaki Joins Canva
Guy Kawasaki Joins Canva

+ Shamal

Vibe Manager / Designer

Shamal is part of the design team and helps out with day-to-day operations at Canva. Shamal studied architecture at the University of Technology Sydney, and ran his own boutique design company before joining Canva. Outside of work, Shamal loves to listen to music, play sports and "philosophize" about design.


+ Nic


Nic is an Engineer and UX wrangler that works on the the iOS team. Before Canva he was a contract Engineer making games and apps in Tasmania. Nic enjoys playing and designing video games as well as standing next to people to prove he is 6' 10”.

May 2014

+ Song


Ask anybody that works at Canva and they will tell you that Song is one the most vital members of the team. He supplies us with a variety of delicious meals throughout the week and makes sure the office is happy and healthy.

June 2014

+ Matt


Matt is a graphic designer at Canva. He is responsible for many of the great tutorials on the Canva Design School and designs the beautiful emails you'll see in your inbox. Matt recently graduated from a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design) at the University of Wollongong. Known as "maestro" around the office, he's glad he's no longer the youngest person on the team. In his spare time, Matt loves watching and playing cricket and stealing Nic's food.


+ Didier

Web Designer

Didier is Canva's resident Frenchman and has a knack for creating sexy design. You'll know when somebody walks past his screen as they'll murmur "ooh la la". Didier has worked at major Web design agencies, including Demonz Media and Boomworks.

July 2014

+ Chris


Chris is Canva's CBO (chief beer officer) and moonlights as a front-end engineer. He loves to write simple, reusable code that helps us ship to users as quickly as possible. Before Canva, Chris wrangled issues on Atlassian's JIRA team. He aims to delete more code than he writes and has an ongoing quest to sell everything he owns.

Canva Launched its “Design” button

Canva unveiled its "Canva Button", a simple new plug-in for third party websites to allow their users to create their own graphics.


Try the Button!

Click "Design a Header" and create your own design.

Design a header
  • image 1
  • image 2
  • image 3
  • image 4
  • image 5
  • image 6
  • image 7
  • image 8
  • image 9
  • image 10
  • image 11
  • image 12
Aug 2014

Opened Office in Manila

Canva opened an office in the Philippines bringing onboard an incredible customer happiness, design and marketing team.

Opened Office in Manila
Canva Wheel
Canva Wheel

+ Kei

Country Manager

Kei supports all-things-people-and-operations in Canva Manila. She helps facilitate processes between Sydney and Manila while carrying out the vision for the team. When not working, she loves chasing sunsets and exploring the city for local cafes.


+ Tin

HR & Admin Officer

Fondly called by the team as “Mommy”, Tin is a full-time mother to three little boys, and oversees Manila’s Human Resource and Admin operations. Outside work, she pursues her recently discovered love for solo-travel and her favourite sport, volleyball! You’ll know she’s around, once you hear her contagiously funny laugh.


+ AJ

Lead Curator

AJ heads up the training and process development of the Marketplace and Customer Happiness teams. When she’s not wielding her expertise in customer service, training, and management, she moonlights as Canva Manila’s self-proclaimed rom-com specialist. Her in-depth knowledge of Hollywood, Filipino, and Korean chick flicks have proven to be indispensable for guilty pleasure movie nights at the office.


+ Ivan

Support Specialist

Ivan is a Support Specialist/CHT onboarding captain/gadgets go-to/Social Media almost rockstar in Canva. In college, he studied fine arts but shifted to music later on. He is a band drummer and used to teach musical instruments. He recently found his new love in the form of a blue bird called twitter. In the future, he plans to compile all his favorite and interesting tweets and write a book titled- Canva Chronicles: Tales from the Tweet.


+ Anne

Support Specialist

Before joining Canva, Anne has spent the past years doing Human Resources and Marketing assistance. This well-rounded multi-tasker and problem solver is part of the Customer Happiness team whose goal is to provide amazing customer experience. She loves spending her free time watching movies, spending quality time with her friends and family or planning her next travel adventure.


+ Eris

Support Specialist

Eris is part of the Customer Happiness Team and mainly focuses on making Canva’s awesome users the happiest people alive, be it by providing exceptional customer support, or contributing her ideas on how to improve Canva itself. She usually spends her free time at nearby coffee or tea shops, people-watching.


+ Gayle

Support Specialist

Gayle is a member of Customer Happiness Team. She’s a graduate of Information Management and her knowledge in technical stuff has been a great contribution to the team. She enjoys spending time with her dogs when she’s not at work.

Sept 2014

+ Anna

Content Editor

Anna’s favourite part about being Canva's Content Editor is being able to facilitate learning through storytelling. After graduating from university in Perth with a degree in Journalism and Publishing, she quickly fled to the big smoke (Sydney) and gained experience as a radio journalist and magazine writer before joining Canva. Anna is passionate about the future of online publishing despite her pressing addiction to find new (old) hardbacks.


+ Hannah

Hannah was part of the Canva team for 18 months in a range of biz opps posts, including head of partnerships. Prior to joining Canva she managed a contemporary classical record label before she got bored with that and made her way to Pandora Internet Radio in Silicon Valley and then Dropbox, where she developed their European operations from their Dublin, Ireland office.


+ Kim


Kim designs and illustrates for Canva. In 2013, she graduated with magna cum laude and valedictorian honors from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, where she was on a full academic scholarship. Her work has been featured in publications and exhibits in the Philippines, the UK, and the USA. In her down time, she likes to hunt for good music and go on photo-walks.

Oct 2014

Launched iPad App to Bring Amazingly Simple Design to Your Fingertips

Canva's iPad app launched and made it easy to create stunning graphics on-the-go.


Canva for iPad

Scroll through the layouts and add new a page below.

Canva Hit 1 Million Users

Thanks to the incredible support of the Canva community, we reached one million users who have created presentations, social media posts, invites and more.

1 million users
Nov 2014

Launched Design School for People to Learn Design Skills

Canva unveiled the Canva Design School; a new platform, workshop series and teacher resource hub designed to increase the world’s visual literacy.

Design School
Design School
Design School
Design School

Launched Design Marketplace for Pro Designers

Canva has launched a marketplace allowing professional graphic designers to contribute layouts and earn royalties every time their designs are purchased.

Dec 2014

+ Jay


Jay loves graphic design, fries and pandas. Before Canva,he worked for a retail design agency where he developed campaigns for various international brands like Columbia Sportswear Company, Supra Footwear and The North Face. He lives in Manila with his life partner and their 3 cats.


+ Andrianes

Growth Marketer

Andrianes Pinantoan (Andre) is Canva's growth marketer. Most recently, he was part of the early growth teams at Open Colleges and Pocketbook. When not working, you can find him chasing his two-year-old son in the wild.

Jan 2015

+ Alexey

Assistant Accountant

Prior to joining Canva, Alexey worked in a number of startups as well as a public accounting practice that specialised in startup and small business accounting. At Canva, he likes making things more efficient and using technology to improve the way things are done. In his down time Alexey likes to hike. Luckily for him, the Sydney area provides an ample selection of walking trails.

Feb 2015

+ Elli

Marketplace Curator

Elli is part of the Marketplace team and is on an ongoing mission to make the Canva library even more amazing. Before working for Canva, she freelanced as a photographer and videographer, shooting concerts and various events. She likes making music, playing video games, and cuddling her baby cat, Diddle.

Mar 2015

+ Paul


Paul joined Canva and works as a graphic designer. He lives in Manila where he studied fine arts, majoring in advertising arts. As part of the design team, Paul enjoys creating unconventional layouts and illustrations for the world to use. He has always had a passion for art and design, but aside from this he loves longboarding and making nostalgic music with his acoustic guitar. When not working, you can find him in the wild, exploring new cultures and reaching summits.


+ Keziah

Support Specialist

Keziah is part of the Customer Happiness Team in which she takes joy in helping Canva users day and night. Prior to Canva, she used to teach English Language Arts and Literature in a Chinese school. During her free time, she can be either spotted in random adventures with her best friend or stuck in between pages of a good classic novel.


+ Kat

Support Specialist

As part of the Customer Happiness Team, Kat takes pride in being among the front-liners for Canva, not only in helping resolve customer issues, but also in helping improve on the service itself. She is a Journalism graduate and is taking up her Masters in Library and Information Science. Kat likes to travel and explore, and is always game to try new things. In her free time, she indulges in her various interests including writing fiction, drawing, painting and other artistic pursuits.

Apr 2015

+ Sebastian

iOS Engineer

As part of the iOS team, Sebastian helps bring Canva to life on mobile devices. He is very passionate about finding simple solutions to complex problems. Before joining Canva, he built award winning educational apps for children. Sebastian's love for travel has brought him to Sydney 4 years ago and his love for food has kept him here ever since.


+ Stel


Stel is part of the Content Team and creates stunning designs for the Design School and social media. She is the resident baristel *wink* of the Manila office and she likes playing video games, eating ramen and binge-watching TV shows. During her free time, you’ll see her walking around the streets of Manila while coming up with bad puns for the office Wittypedia.


+ Michael

iOS Engineer

Michael is a iOS Engineer at Canva with a keen interest in test-driven development practices, build automation, and continuous integration processes. Prior to joining Canva, he worked as an SDK Engineer for a mobile indoor positioning platform using Bluetooth Low Energy.


+ Mahesh

People Operations

Mahesh leads People Ops at Canva. Equipped with an MBA, strategy consulting experience and many years in the recruitment industry; Mahesh sold his own tech startup to join Canva. His goal is to see Canva become the best place in the world to work at. Always keen to riff on design, tech, economics and Batman - he is free for a chat whenever you need.

May 2015

+ Damon

Front End Engineer

Damon is a software engineer with a passion for working with cutting edge technology in the browser. Before coming to Canva, Damon was working at NICTA on realtime communications (including video, audio and data) in the browser which is super exciting technology. With enough prompting from his wife and daughter though (and the Canva founders of course), he finally decided to join the amazing Canva team and use his talents there to help further the mission of democratizing design. Damon has a wide variety of different software experience, from working in big corporates through to his own software consultancy and even a biotech startup in the UK.


+ Kathleen

Web Designer

Kath is part of the Digital Design team where she helps create beautiful web designs for Canva. She initially aspired to be a serious full-stack developer until she found her way into the exciting world of design, particularly in user experience. Outside of Canva, Kath loves to travel and take photos – which she finds therapeutic.


+ Mick

UI Designer

Mick is a UI designer at Canva. He joins us after a stint in London working at companies like the BBC and ITV on their digital products. As the resident down-under Chris Pratt, Mick is now a lively member of the team. He enjoys adding his design flare to some of our most exciting up-and-coming products. In his spare time, Mick is a soccer fanatic and loves to travel.


+ Jem

Support Specialist

Jem has a background in Communication and Arts. She has worked as a customer support and a data specialist before joining Canva. She loves reading books, watching TV series and travelling with friends.


+ Lud

Support Specialist

Lud was a production assistant for more than a year in some local TV programs such as Pilipinas (Philippines) Got Talent Season 3, and X Factor Philippines. He has also worked for PressReader (an online newspaper platform and mobile app) for 2 years as a web content operator, and a year as a Quality Assurance Officer. At present, he enjoys making Canva users happy by providing support, together with the rest of the Customer Happiness Team. During his free time, he plays RPG video games with his Playstation.

Jun 2015

+ Kris

Engineering Coordinator

Kris was our engineering coordinator and headed up Developer Relations. She’s an Aussie-American and she's been building websites in one form or another for her entire career. She takes pride in being one of the last of the old-school bloggers still going strong, and she speaks regularly at technology events and conferences around Australia. If she’s not in front of a computer, she’s probably knitting or sewing.


+ Andy

Editorial Assistant

Andy regularly contributes her experience in advertising and publishing — plus her background in design and traditional illustration — to Canva’s editorial team. Aside from communication arts, she loves time travel stories, comic strips, and exploiting her arts background to justify her eccentricities.


+ Desiree


Desiree is part of the Digital Assets Team at Canva. She studied psychology and creative writing at Ateneo de Manila University. While in university, she unexpectedly fell in love with design and became a self-taught graphic designer. Before joining Canva, she worked in an online news startup and as a creative freelancer. When she’s not online, she loves reading in cafés, getting lost in museums, and exploring new cities.


+ Sam

Back End Engineer

Sam is a back-end engineer at Canva. He joins us after working at home automation startup Ninja Blocks, and working on his own startup in the renewable energy space. Sam's passionate about using machine learning to make Canva even simpler to use. Outside of the office, Sam is an avid skiier, rockclimber and musician.

Aug 2015

Canva Pro launches to 4 million users, reinvents the way companies design

Canva has unveiled its much anticipated Canva Pro platform, which enables individuals and organizations to create consistent, effective, and inexpensive graphic designs.

Canva Pro
My Company Templates Brand Kit Team Members Billing
Canva Pro
Canva Pro
Canva Pro
Canva Pro
Canva Pro

+ Toby

Front End Engineer

Toby is a front-end engineer at Canva. He returned to Australia after 5 years in Singapore where he worked in the local start-up scene and travelled around South East Asia. Outside work and travelling, he enjoys gaming of all kinds.


+ Tom

Growth Marketing & Blog Editor

Tom is a recovering lawyer (from Brisbane) who managed to break free from his life-sucking government job to join Canva’s fight to democratise design. In his spare time Tom reads and writers and takes his weekly Tiger flight back to Brisbane for R&R with his girlfriend and newly renovated Queenslander home.

Sept 2015

+ Rachelle

Accounts & Admin Officer

Rachelle handles the accounting and financial aspects of Canva Manila. Before joining the team, Rachelle was a senior auditor where she managed an array of accounting, consultancy and tax services for clients consisting of corporations, individuals (sole proprietors & SMEs) and non-profit organizations. Rachelle earned a degree in BS Accountancy at the University of Northern Philippines and passed the CPA Board Exams on October 2014.


+ Yani

Recruitment Associate

Yani is our recruitment associate who plays matchmaker between exceptional talent and awesome jobs at Canva. Before joining our team, she worked for an executive search firm in Manila and co-managed an online bohemian accessories shop with her two best friends. Outside work, she enjoys photography, painting, binge-watching crime investigation shows, and beating her friends at board games.


+ Priscilla

Marketplace Specialist

Priscilla became part of Canva last September 2015. She is handling Canva's Image Reviewers and helps in improving Canva's Image Library. She loves going to art exhibitions, mingling with street artists, watching band gigs and co-managing her brother's streetwear and her life partner's post-production house.


+ Tricia

Support Specialist

If Tricia is not busy helping out making our Canva users happy, she manages an indie electronic duo band called “Turbo Goth” during her free time. Before joining Canva, she worked as a social media manager for a vinyl records distribution company and also acts as a music & events organizer.


+ Rab

Support Specialist

Rab had been in the BPO/Call center industry for 7 years prior to joining Canva with various experiences from being part of the training team to management operations. Rab loves cats and dogs. You can find Rab dwirdling with geeky stuff like playing online games, collectible card games and casting spells during his free time.


+ Auguste


As soon as Auguste discovered Canva, she developed a two-year plan of hard work to try to join the team. But then just a week later, Canva asked her to come in for an interview based on her wide-ranging background as a science graduate, digital marketer, bartender and barista. She became part of our Vibe team, served up delicious meals and made sure the office ran as happily and efficiently as possible. In her spare time she loves to hike and bake.

Oct 2015

+ Ana

Customer Happiness Team Lead

Ana was in the BPO industry for 10 years and was in the same role as Team Leader for 5. It was a structured environment and very competitive but at the end of the day, "you are just as good as your team’s numbers the week before." She was drawn to Canva as the challenge was different: to be part of creating the process, rather than just implementing a system that has already been put in place before you came. It was disorienting at first, but every hurdle you overcome is gratifying. Ultimately, every small success you achieve is a success for the the company.


+ Tezzy


Tezzy is a mermaid — or at least that’s what she tells everyone. Before joining Canva Manila as head chef, Tezzy was a varsity swimmer and platform diver turned professional mermaid. For seven years in between the metamorphosis, she took the time to do less-odd jobs at various restaurants in Europe, working her way up and around the business. In the office Tezzy is known to whip up dishes that can get anyone through heartbreak or make a good day perfect.


+ Mavic


Mavic is Canva Manila's Bookeeper. Prior to joining the team, she used to work as a Sales accountant of a popular pizza chain and as a Customer Service Representative of an outsourcing company's US financial account. This exotic food-lover enjoys reading books, watching movies and documentaries, and cooking (not snake, hopefully).


+ Callan

Back End Engineer

Callan is on the backend engineering team at Canva. Before Canva he worked on the backend team of My Maps at Google. In his free time Callan plays way too many video and board games.


+ Marc

Front End Engineer

Marc is from Vancouver and Canva’s token Canadian. The last 3 years were spent in London for an opportunity to explore Europe while working at Blinkbox. Having enough of the rain, he moved across the world to join Canva in Sydney as a front-end engineer. You’ll find him enjoying the outdoors, surfing Bondi before work, and usually with traces of bike grease on his hands.


+ Paul

Front End Engineer

Paul or "Rowdy" is a front-end engineer at Canva. He is originally from Argentina but before moving to Australia he did an internship in India and worked in a startup in Singapore. Outside work, he likes travelling, doing extreme sports and drinking "mate" all day.


+ Harley

Front End Engineer

Harley is passionate about programming audio/visual systems. Before coming to Canva, he worked at SBS building interactive documentaries and online video streaming services. The lure of creating elegant design software on the web brought Harley onto the Canva team, where he loves working on the editor to increase the expressive potential of users and ensuring that new users get up to speed quickly and effectively. Harley is also an avid scuba diver, cyclist and electronic musician.

Nov 2015

+ Tiny

Data scientist

Tiny is endlessly fascinated by people and what they do. As Canva's senior data scientist, she enjoys diving into datasets and looking for the hidden treasures that tell her why people do the things they do. Before Canva, Tiny did deep learning and AI research. She is Canva's resident crazy cat lady.


+ Aileen

Support Specialist

Aileen is a Support Specialist at Canva. She has a degree in Business Management and spent six valuable years working in one of the largest IT-based franchising school businesses in the Philippines. She has held various positions from Administrative Assistant to Executive Secretary at the Office of the President before joining the BPO industry. Aileen loves to travel and enjoys the beach. When she’s not with friends, she spends most of her time with her nephews and family.


+ CJ

Support Specialist

Cassandra, known to others as CJ, was an Operations Supervisor at the premier escape room game in the country - Breakout Philippines, prior to Canva. On a different note, CJ is a beauty junkie, a closet geek, adventure seeker, spontaneity queen - she is unlike any other. In her free time, she enjoys doodling, reading books, catching up on series, and watching movies. She has a maddening obsession with anything that is matcha.


+ Giordan

Support Specialist

Giordan is a health fanatic with multiple nutrition specialisations in Lifestyle & Weight Management, Kids' Nutrition, Physique and Figure Training Nutrition, and more! Previously he worked in GNC and Crunch Gym. In his free time, you can find Giordan reading about the latest research on health, or anything business. Giordan is an Everton FC fan, with Australia's own Tim Cahill, being his favorite player of all time!


+ Rose


Rose followed Canva’s story as a journalist since it launched, for niche startup news sites and then major newspapers, before jumping into the adventure. Now onboard, she looks after our communications strategy, media engagement and internal comms. When she is not at Canva, she is probably reading or getting far too excited about thunder storms.


+ Scott


Scott spent a long time trying not to grow up and get a real job, and instead took off to explore the world for five years. He visited 69 countries before he found his calling in startups, which conveniently means he never needs to wear a suit and tie to work.

If you don't find Scott trying to connect with you about joining the amazing team at Canva, feel free to hit him up -- he's always interested in a conversation.


+ Georgia

Localisation & Marketing

Georgia has been dying to get a little photo of herself inside a circle on the end of this page for years. She finally made it and used her 60 word bio to brag about it. As a Canva lover, Georgia is incredibly excited to be helping launch Canva to the world.


+ Belén

Digital Marketer

Belén is a digital marketer specialized in localisation and international SEO. Her goal is to make Canva available in multiple languages and culturally relevant to users (and search engines!) from many countries. Before joining Canva, Belén worked for leading online companies such as eBay and Orbitz, and finds Canva’s fast-paced environment is like a breath of fresh air. Originally from Spain, Belén now calls Sydney home where she enjoys the Australian outdoors lifestyle: scuba diving, bush walking or building sand castles with her family.


+ Elaine

Accounts Assistant

Elaine is an accounts assistant in Canva’s finance team and is responsible for daily bookkeeping. After moving three years ago from China where she lived near the Thousand Island Lake, she graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Finance and Accounting). In her spare time, she is an avid foodie and instagrams at @xyeeelaine.

Dec 2015

+ Mae

Recruitment Associate

Mae is a recruiter in the People Operations team. Before she joined Canva, she was working for an executive search handling requirements in the IT industry. When she’s not reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, she’s eagerly planning the next getaway with her friends and is on the hunt for a new hobby to learn.


+ Jaykee

Design Team Lead

Jaykee was the Team Art Director for the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines prior to joining Canva. As the Design Team Lead, he acted as a mentor to the designers and made sure their creative energies were at least above the earth’s stratosphere. He loves to doodle, explore new food joints, and drive awesome cars.


+ Steph


Steph is part of the Digital Content team. Before joining Canva, she worked as a graphic designer in one of the biggest retail companies in the Philippines. Steph has a knack for illustration and lettering. Her work has graced the pages of publications such as Rogue, Esquire, Garage, Chalk and The Philippine Star. When not in front of her laptop, she likes exploring the city and going on outdoor adventures with her life-partner.

Jan 2016

+ Stephan

Back End Engineer

Stephan was a research assistant at the University of Cologne in Germany. After finishing his PhD in Computational Linguistics he decided that he had spent enough time in a cold country, moved to Australia, cycled from Melbourne to Sydney and finally started as a backend engineer at Canva. He now calls Canva his “traumjob” (dream job) thanks to its product, company culture and the engineering challenges he gets to grapple with.


+ Robbie

Data Scientist & Back End Engineer

After nearly a decade studying maths at uni, Robbie wore a few hats before joining Canva, including that of a software engineer, a traffic modeller and an IT consultant. Robbie is Canva's first cyborg, wearing a gadget that does some of the stuff that his pancreas should be better at.


+ Max

Back End Engineer

Max worked as a web app developer and IT consultant for a range of technology consulting companies in Australia and his home country of Germany before joining the team at Canva. I loved the idea of creating something the whole world wants to use. It helps everyone create beautiful images and let’s me create software to make that possible.


+ Danny

Front End Engineer

Danny knew Canva is the place to be after discovering the amazing product and team. He joined as Canva's youngest engineer, working on making it even better and smoother. When not making (or breaking) something, Danny is easily distracted by board and video games, shows, and sugarcane juice.


+ Justin

Product Analyst

Justin thinks of himself as part armchair psychologist and part man of the people, and for this reason we gave him the responsibility of listening to our users to help get their voices heard at Canva. A former J.P Morgan private banker and management consultant, Justin needed little convincing to join a startup and is pushing for a shoes optional dress code.


+ Ben

Web Designer

Ben is a web designer with a background in graphic design and advertising. His passion for both art and computers led him to the path he is on today. Ben loves a good conversation on just about anything, especially movies (self proclaimed movie critic here). Ben enjoys playing video games and loves to keep himself updated with anything techie.

Feb 2016

+ Maisie

Content Specialist

Maisie is the team’s resident Content Specialist by day and an avid tv-watcher, doodler, and daydreamer by night. In her spare time, she loves to bake themed cupcakes and cookies in celebration of obscure, geeky, and food holidays.


+ Cyril


Cyril is the Manila office's roadie. He works closely with the Accounts and Administration team in performing messenger duties, as well as providing continuous operations support daily. Prior to Canva, he's had 8 years experience in house keeping and even had a business in designing sport uniforms and tailoring them.

Mar 2016

+ Argel

Kitchen Associate

Argel is the Kitchen Associate and the "Stock Room Master" in Canva Manila. He helps out in all kitchen needs and is Tezzy's right hand man. Before joining, he was a graphic designer for a small design company called StickerBoy, which creates custom decals and stickers for clients. He is married to his beautiful wife and father to his adorable son.


+ Lily


Lily likes to work on both the frontend and backend parts of Canva. Before joining us she spent her time travelling the world whilst working at Google. These days she spends her free time eating good food, doing yoga and walking in nature.

Apr 2016

+ Rian


Rian is part of the Design and Curation team. Prior to joining Canva, she was a graphic designer for a local home and lifestyle brand, a wedding photography and styling team, and an illustrator for a local home magazine. She used to be part of Canva’s pool of offsite designers, but has since been with the company full-time. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, shop, sleep, read, and see the world.


+ Marty

Product Designer

After slogging it out in agency land for far too long, Marty had a “where have you been all my life?!?” moment and snapped up the opportunity to join the product design team! He is a pragmatic coffee snob, wants to play football (fine… soccer) as long as his body will let him and should be a much better guitarist than he is after playing for 20-odd years.


+ Shipra

Product Coordinator

Shipra Mahindra is the product coordinator and growth marketer for Canva's iOS products. She enjoys solving problems and hustling people to get stuff done. In her free time, she continues to hustle her family to get their lives in order. She also loves eating good food, drinking coffee, going for walks and watching junk TV.

June 2016

+ Damien

Financial Controller

Not your average accountant, Damien's unique experience ranges from leading audits for public interest entities to heading the finance team of an ASX-listed HR-tech company. Born in the harsh Leicester winter of ’85, Damien is a huge football fan and spends most of his spare time entertaining his young daughter.


+ Mitchell

Frontend Engineer

Mitchell studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Newcastle, Australia. During his degree he worked on soccer playing robots, and on car detection using computer vision. Mitchell joined Canva as a frontend engineer upon completing his studies. In his spare time, Mitchell enjoys learning new programming languages, growing cacti, working on computer graphics and computer vision projects, and playing piano.


+ Gretchen

Marketing Specialist

As Canva’s Marketing Specialist, Gretchen finds herself in the unique position of working with both words and numbers. Her mission is to get more Canva users active and in love with design. Before Canva - or BC as she likes to call it - she honed her Marketing and Communications skills in a PR agency, retail company and direct-selling company. On her days off, she can be found buried between the pages of a novel, watching a movie or marathoning the latest TV show that’s caught her fancy. She lives in Manila with her big-boned cat, Macho.


+ Geryl

People Ops Associate

Geryl is a member of Canva Manila’s People Operations Team and his role covers all aspects of human resources that aims to make Canva an even more awesome workplace. He’s currently attending grad school in the University of the Philippines where he studies Industrial and Labor Relations. Geryl has lived many lives and traveled to numerous worlds, all thanks to video games. If he’s being difficult, you can lure him with a basket of sweets and pastries and he’ll levitate off the ground like a cartoon floating to a pie on a windowsill.

July 2016

+ Elijah

iOS Engineer

Elijah loves being involved with startups and building well designed mobile apps which puts him right at home at Canva. Outside the office you’ll find him snowboarding, backpacking and playing tennis - as well as trying to mix the perfect Whiskey Sour.


+ Vlad

Backend Engineer

Vlad moved to Australia from Ukraine to join Canva. His background includes competitive programming and game developement. Vlad considers source code as a form of poetry, and he is very passionate about perfecting the language our backend uses to express its internal ideas.


+ Nap

QA Specialist

Filling in a new role in Canva, Nap takes on Software Quality Assurance. His keen attention to detail goes a long way in helping the growing users make the most out of their Canva experience. Outside work, he loves getting lost in R&B and soul music, seeing films that shake up entertainment and binge-watching the best TV series out there.


+ Josh

Growth Marketer

Josh is the custodian of all things growth for Canva Pro (C4W). If you run a business and you’re getting email from us, chances are Josh had something to do with it. He loves talking AARRR & ICE (note: that isn’t Pirate-ese, that’s Data Nerd Speak), is OCD about finding order amongst the chaos, and gets a little too excited over basketball. Before playing power forward for Team C4W, Josh has spearheaded growth for several fast-growing tech ventures from Australia to the UK.


+ Paprika

Product Designer

Born & raised in a city in China with many lakes, she later moved down south to a metropolis where apartments are fit for mosquitos, learning to step out of her comfort zone. 5 yrs later she moved further south trying to be a better product designer so she could help democratize design for people around the world.

August 2016

+ Xingyi

Growth Marketer

Xingyi grew up in Malaysia and stumbled onto 'Growth' after a series of attempts in the startup world. When not working, he loves the thrill of running and the mindfulness of yoga. He is also inspired by entrepreneurs who execute with clarity.


+ Diana

Talent Acquisition

Diana works with Talent Acquisition in the People Operations team. She moved all the way from Sweden to join Canva. Diana's passion is to grow teams, and before she joined Canva she used to work at Spotify, where she helped grow the company from 500 to more than 2000 employees in less than 4 years. In her spare time she loves eating lots of food, surfing and playing basketball.


+ Paul

Growth Engineer

Paul is passionate about creating world-class products and enjoys the process to do so all the way form the design & planning stage to the implementation. In the past he has interned at places like Airbus and Google and also spent a few years being involved in various startups. He’s excited to be contributing to Canva’s incredible mission to make design accessible to everyone.

Sept 2016

+ Mike

Product Marketer

Mike W considers himself more exciting than his Accounting & Law background suggest. Before joining Canva's internationalisation team, he worked at LinkedIn and in his own startup which tried to help people figure out what to do with their lives. On the weekend, you'll find Mike on the tennis court, playing Ben Howard guitar tunes and drinking too many flat whites.


+ Matt

Frontend Engineer

Matt recently traded the Seattle rain for the Sydney sunshine. Having previously worked at ThoughtWorks and Getty Images, he joined Canva for the terrifyingly awesome opportunity to build features for millions of designers. In his spare time he dreams of racing rally cars and laments improper usages of “ironic”.


+ Anne

Growth Marketer

After several years of working in digital agencies and various client-side businesses, Anne joined Canva as a Growth Marketer, working in Free Teams. When she’s not at work you’ll find her outdoors on a hiking trail, trying to scale a rock face with poor climbing technique or waiting in line at an ice-cream shop.


+ Tristan

Frontend Engineer

Shrouded in mystery, Tristan is the subject of intense rumour and speculation. Who is this legendary engineer? Some say he is actually a collective of hackers, others say he is the emergent consciousness of the internet. Only one thing is known for certain: Tristan will never be trusted to write his own blurb again.


+ Jim

Global Print Operations

Jim has spent the last 20 years working in the print industry and had joined Canva to conquer the work with Canva for Print. In his spare time you can find him outside enjoying family time, California weather, running, mtn. biking, watersports and even enjoying craft beer.


+ Ben

Frontend Engineer

Ben is a JavaScript nerd from Brisbane and has joined the front-end team at Canva. He spent most of 2015 working remotely from Europe, Canada and the US (i.e. avoiding adulthood) but is excited to have landed in Sydney, and will be spending a majority of his free time sampling local coffee spots; suggestions welcome!


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