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Click to remove image backgrounds, perfect for product photos, headshots, or transparent PNGs.

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Remove image backgrounds instantly

From social media to e-commerce, visual impact is everything. But even with the perfect shot, backgrounds can be distracting. Fortunately, Canva Pro makes the once-tricky process of background removal super simple—just one click, and any product, headshot, or logo can stand out and shine.

Gone in one click

Upload your own image or choose from Canva Pro’s unlimited access to millions of photos, then simply click on ‘Background Remover’ in the Effects section. Like magic, the background will disappear to highlight products or create layers in a design. Plus, the image eraser makes it easy to remove specific areas of an image.


Simple with no additional software required

With one click you can instantly remove a photo’s background, without the need for tricky eraser tools or having to tirelessly erase edges. Now any image can be on-brand. Simply remove the background and place the image over your brand colours or add text in your brand font.

It’s part of the Canva Pro bundle

Get Background Remover and so much more with an easy and affordable way to produce high-quality designs

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Part of the Canva Pro bundle

Your superpower for design, marketing, print materials and beyond.

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Canva Pro is an amazing tool - it takes the hard yards out of content creation and sharing among a team. I use it every day!

Carma Levene


Canva Pro ke saath aur achieve karein

Akele kaam kar rahe hain? Canva ke saath apni utpaadakta badhaen, apne brand ka prabandhan karen aur apna business build karen. Apna free trial aaj he shuroo karen.