Canva for Agency Teams

Canva is the easy-to-use design tool helping creative agencies create powerful content and win more clients.
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Create content faster and reach more clients

Running an agency requires an incredible amount of work. And on top of that, there’s a lot of content that needs to be created to grow your client base. You need social posts, pitch presentations, blog posts, newsletters, and more to win new business.

That’s why agencies turn to Canva, the all-in-one design platform for teams. Canva can help you increase efficiency and create visually stunning, promotional agency content.

Get client work done faster

Efficiency is critical in the agency world, and there’s no time to waste on repetitive tasks. Canva is built to help teams design powerful content as efficiently as possible.

Increase agency team efficiency

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Promote your agency and keep your brand consistent

Word of mouth is important for growing your agency’s client base. Social posts like team member spotlights, recent project highlights, graphics, and posts that show off your space are all great ways to reach new clients. With Canva, you can create branded templates for social media posts, email newsletters, and blog posts so that whenever your team wants to ramp up new business, everything’s ready to customise and publish in minutes.

Market your agency’s services with Canva

Create Brand Kits for each client

Every client is different, with specific brands, needs, and goals for each project. But remembering which font family or hex code each client uses can be difficult, particularly when juggling work from multiple clients at the same time.

That’s why Canva has Brand Kits that help you program the correct colours, fonts, and design elements for each client or brand — no more endless searching for design specs in the middle of a moment of inspiration.

Keep agency client brand parameters organised

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Edit photos and videos in Canva

Whether you’re a full-time photography and videography studio, or a marketing and advertising agency that likes to dabble, Canva’s easy-to-use photo and video editor makes it easy to edit, schedule, and publish any asset. It could be a short video clip for social or a multi-episode video podcast.

Trim, edit, brand, and publish videos

Create pitch presentations from branded templates

Selling your services is a big part of any agency. Potential clients need to understand the value of bringing your team on to get the work done.

That’s where great pitch presentations come in. By showing off your design, copywriting, and marketing skills, you show potential clients exactly what you have to offer. Starting with one of Canva’s presentation templates(opens in a new tab or window) — which can be customised to suit your brand — will help you easily create memorable and persuasive client presentations.

Get more clients for your agency

  • Asset library: Access 100+ million free and premium photos, audio clips, vectors, and design elements to make your presentations shine.
  • Templates: Choose from over 610,000 templates and customise them to suit your needs as well as the needs of your clients.
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Case studies and more



Grow your agency’s client base with Canva

Reach more clients and get all your internal and external design work done quicker than ever.