Canva for internal communications

Internal comms teams use Canva to create content that unites their teams and promotes their employer brands.
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The design tool for leading employer brand teams

Internal comms professionals are tasked with communicating all types of information — from how to sign up for a new employee resource group to conveying updates about workplace policies. This involves creative work, and all this content needs to look unified and adhere to your company’s brand so that it effectively gets your message across.

Canva is the easy-to-use design platform that empowers anyone to create beautiful designs that align with your company’s brand — no design experience required. With real-time collaboration on any device, your team can connect and collaborate on designs wherever they are.

Create on-brand presentations that pop

  • Brand Templates: Choose from thousands of existing templates, customising them with your own brand, and saving them as team templates.
  • Brand Kit: Upload your logo, brand colours, and fonts for anyone on your team to access.
  • Asset Library: Choose from over one million free and premium images and design elements.

Strengthen company culture with the power of design

Internal comms teams are in charge of creating content that reaches every employee — and resonates with them, too. Creating visually appealing flyers, internal documents, employee event collateral (like name cards, banners, table wraps, and invitations), and employee swag (like notebooks, office decor, sweaters, tote bags, and more) can do wonders for making an employee feel part of a team. You can do all of this and more with Canva.

From company swag to eye-catching flyers

  • Canva Print: Sustainably print with delivery and pick-up options.
  • Design company swag: From clothes and totes to notebooks, you’ve got company swag covered.

Unite your brand across all internal content

Your design team works tirelessly to build a brand that sticks in people’s minds. That’s why it’s crucial every team sticks to your company’s brand identity, which for non-designers is easier said than done. But Canva’s Brand Kits and locked elements means that every piece of content created by your team can be built from templates within the visual guardrails set by the design team.

Build internal communications assets that showcase your brand

  • Brand Control: Provide employee access to images, templates, fonts, and colours.
  • Locked elements: Ensure your corporate branding is protected.
  • Approval process workflow: Review and approve designs instantly with in-built design approval.

Create videos that bring people together

Editing videos used to be incredibly technical and time consuming, so many internal comms teams didn’t bother. Who has the time?

Now, videos filmed on a smartphone can be easily edited in Canva’s video editor, and you can create employee highlight reels quicker than ever. Add your branding and some background music from the asset library, and you’ll be ready to share at your next company meeting or in an email.

Video content for internal communications

Streamline your team’s creative workflow

Canva easily integrates with existing systems your team uses, making life easier for everyone. If your company has an internal comms social media account, you can schedule your posts across eight platforms directly from Canva.

No matter how big or small your internal comms team is, you can collaborate seamlessly with live changes being reflected in files as multiple people work on them.

Creative collaboration across teams

  • Magic Resize: One-click resizing from any document type to TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.
  • Create and schedule content to eight different social accounts directly from Canva.
  • Work together in real-time from anywhere with the Canva app.
  • Using team management tools, you can assign roles and organise access to brand assets.

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Canva helps teams grow their brands

Scale up employer brand content, communicate important company news, and make your company a more delightful place to work.