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What's New: July 2021

What's New: July 2021

July’s What’s New update brings a host of new features to help you create, collaborate and publish on Canva. Bring the Canva Magic to your PDFs with our new Import tool, find your designs rapidly with In-text Search, and keep track of your presentation slides with the updated Thumbnail View. Find out more here.

New in Canva 2.0


Turn your designs and photos into works of art that stand the test of time. You can now design and print custom Canvases in Canva in both square and rectangular formats. So why not fill some gaps on your wall or create a unique gift for someone else. Available in AU, UK, US, NZ, CA, EU.

New in Canva 2.0


We’ve got some exciting news. Kmart Australia and Canva have partnered up to launch KmartCreate, enabling Kmart customers to personalize just about anything from clothing and accessories to stationery and homewares using the integrated Canva design tool.

New in Canva 2.0

Thank You Cards

During the holidays, there are so many reasons to be grateful. And while the gifts and memories are fresh, now’s the perfect time to spread the end of year cheer. Tell friends, loved ones, and colleagues how much their time and efforts mean to you with a unique thank you card.

New in Canva 2.0

Presentation Templates

We’ve created some new in-demand presentation templates just for you. We’ve got all your popular categories covered, such as vlogging, online gaming, and self-promotional presentation templates. We’ve also added some business-focused ones, useful for marketers and entrepreneurs.

New in Canva 2.0


It’s now easier than ever to create lines of all sizes in an instant. Simply hit L on your keyboard for a line to magically appear on your design. You can adjust its weight, style, color, and ends using the toolbar, and you can easily change its length and positioning by dragging the endpoints.

New in Canva 2.0

Video Messages

Connect with your loved ones and create lasting memories by designing customized video messages. It couldn’t be easier and it’s completely free. Just select a Video Message template, invite people to record and upload their videos then compile the messages in a professionally designed template before sharing.

New in Canva 2.0

Printed custom mugs

Bring your designs to life by having them printed. You can now fill your cupboard or delight friends and family with 11oz capacity, microwave-safe ceramic custom mugs. Choose from our templates and customize the design to make it yours. Then hit ‘Print Mugs’, choose one or two sides, the quantity, then fill out your details and wait for us to deliver it to your door, for free.

New in Canva 2.0

Audio Upload

How does this sound? You can now upload your own audio files to Canva. It’s easy. Just click the upload tab in the side panel, drag or manually upload your audio file, and add it to your design. Tip: make sure your files are saved as .mp4, .mp3, or .wav before uploading.

New in Canva 2.0

Real-time collaboration

You can now design anything together in real time. From social media graphics to presentations, you can keep your collective ideas and creativity flowing from classrooms to boardrooms and beyond. Real-time collaboration makes a team effort, effortless. So why not create a team today and get everyone on the same page.

New in Canva 2.0

Curved Text

You asked. We listened. And now, curved text is ready and waiting for you. It couldn’t be easier to turn your text into circles and arches and become a typography wizard. Simply select text within your design, click ‘Effects’ in the top panel, and choose ‘Curve’. You can adjust the curvature to suit your needs.

New in Canva 2.0

Content planner

Constantly updating your social feed? It’s time to take advantage of our Content Planner. You can now save draft posts to help plan your social media. Design, draft and schedule your social media posts in just a few clicks all from within Canva. To schedule, pick a specified date and time, add your design and caption, then just sit back, relax, and we’ll post it for you.

New in Canva 2.0

Stand out with Text Effects

Bring your next design to life and make your text pop with 7 brand new Text Effects now available on Canva.

New in Canva 2.0

A new way to present with Canva Live

Take your presentation to the next level with Canva Live! Engage your audience by allowing them to submit questions and comments directly into presenter view right from their favorite mobile device. Presenters can display questions on the screen for classroom lessons, brainstorming, trivia and more!

What's New

New templates for Pinterest

Create beautiful and engaging content for Pinterest using Canva's new range of templates. It's as simple as selecting a template, adding an image and publishing your design!

View our collection of Pinterest Templates here.

New in Canva 2.0

A new way to design with Canva for Desktop

The design experience you know and love, now available on desktop. Create beautiful designs with every ingredient you need. Now available on Windows and MacOS.

Download Canva for Desktop here.

What's new

Canva and FedEx Office Launch Digital Content and Design-to-Print Marketplace

Canva and FedEx Office have joined forces to create a digital design-to-print marketplace making it easier for businesses to create the professionally printed materials they need to get back to business quickly and safely.

Learn more here.

New in Canva 2.0

25,000 audio tracks for Canva Video

Lights, sound, action! Capture attention and take Canva Video to the next level with more than 25,000 royalty-free audio tracks now available in the editor.

Facebook Shop Template Collage
New in Canva 2.0

Brand new templates for Facebook Shops

Jazz up your Facebook Shop with a range of new templates designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Canva Pro Unlimited
New in Canva 2.0

Every image you’ll ever need. Now in Canva Pro.

Make every design great with Canva Pro.

We’ve just unlocked our entire content library for Canva Pro subscribers – at no extra cost. When you upgrade to our suite of time-saving marketing tools, you’re also getting a world-class collection of premium photos and graphics. So all of your designs have a professional touch.

New in Canva 2.0

Seamless events with Presentation Playlists

Take out the hassle that comes with coordinating multiple presentations. Simply drag presentations into a folder and click "Present" to play them all in order. Last minute changes just work and each presentation is introduced with beautiful custom intro slides.

New in Canva 2.0

Add Music to your Canva design

Add some jazz to your design! You can now add free music to certain design types on Canva.

New in Canva

Canva joins the global Pledge 1% movement

Canva CEO and cofounder, Melanie Perkins, has announced Canva’s commitment to pledge 1% equity, profit, time, and resources towards making the world a better place.

New in Canva 2.0

Canva Button integration to make designing graphics easier without leaving the platform

The Canva Button is a simple API that enables online platforms to give their users design superpowers.

Canva for Education
New in Canva 2.0

Canva has launched its beta program: Canva for Education

Canva unveils Canva for Education with beta for Australian schools. Canva for Education is an entirely free product specifically tailored to the demands of every classroom.

Canva Apps
New in Canva 2.0

Launch of Canva Apps brings your favorite tools into Canva

Canva users across the globe can further unlock their design and publishing potential with the launch of Canva Apps. Canva Apps offer users the ability to streamline their workflows with access to additional content, editing and publishing tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, PhotoMosh and Instagram.

New in Canva 2.0

Making video editing effortless with Canva Video

Canva Video brings amazingly simple design experience to video creation.

Mobile First Presentation
New in Canva 2.0

Canva launches mobile-first presentations

Today’s audience is constantly connected and on the move. So we want to ensure that the perfect pitch looks perfect on any device. In a mobile world first, Canva users can now create and share mobile-first presentations, built to fit the dimensions of a smartphone.

New in Canva 2.0

All your Dropbox files at your fingertips

Dropbox and Canva make creating beautiful graphics easy. Now, you can seamlessly use all your Dropbox files to design and create anything, and save back into Dropbox when you’re done! Spend less time remembering where you saved your files and more time having fun with Canva! Design anything today. Read more on this here: https://blog.dropbox.com/topics/product-tips/new-extensions/

New in Canva 2.0

HubSpot and Canva team up, launches Canva Button integration

The Canva Button brings the Canva experience right into the HubSpot platform so customers can design ads, banners, and social graphics, and publish to their marketing channels directly from HubSpot. HubSpot customers can now easily create and add imagery to their marketing assets in fewer steps.

New in Canva 2.0

Make your designs more fun with Animated Stickers

Animated stickers are perfect to give your design a boost and more fun! Now available on Canva for Web and iOS, coming soon on Android.

Canva for Enterprise_Centralise your design process_0674
New in Canva

Canva’s exciting new venture: Canva for Enterprise

Empowering large organisations to scale on-brand marketing and internal content with our customizable and integrated design tool.

Right click
New in Canva 2.0

Access actions when you right-click

Quick accessibility to element actions as you edit when you right-click on your design.

New in Canva 2.0

Organizing made easy with subfolders

Easily organize your designs and elements into subfolders.

New in Canva 2.0

Copy and paste styles in a click of a button

Copy and paste text styles, colours, image filters and chart styles in your designs by clicking on the copy style button or by using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts -- Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + C to copy and Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + V to paste.

New in Canva Pro

Share your design as template

Sharing your designs made even easier! Canva Pro users can now share their designs as a template to anyone.

New in Canva 2.0

Brand Kit 2.0

The brand kit page just got a fresh makeover. Go check it out!

Coming Soon

Improved font search

Find the font you've been looking for with our improved font search! You can soon search fonts according to type - calligraphy, sans, script, you name it!

Coming Soon

Search for stock videos

Easily search from our growing stock video library for that perfect video to add on your design.

New in Canva 2.0

Measure distances between elements

Ace that space with the distance measure feature. Select an element and hold the OPTION (Mac) or ALT (Windows) key. Then hover your mouse pointer outside the element for the measurements in pixels to appear.

New in Canva 2.0

Animated social media templates

Give your design some animated fun with our animated social media templates!

New in Canva 2.0

Add comments in your designs

Add comments, reply to, and tag team members in comments within your designs.

New in Canva 2.0

Publish designs straight to Mailchimp

Good news for all marketers! Streamline communications for your target audience by publishing Canva designs straight to Mailchimp.

Photos Pro
New in Canva Pro

Your convenient solution for photos, right inside Canva Pro

Don’t interrupt your creative flow to find the perfect picture. We’ve included 500,000 new photos with Canva Pro. Our fast search tool and image categories help you to find what you’re looking for in an instant. Get the images you want without paying per use.

Backgrounds Pro
New in Canva Pro

Transform templates in seconds with Backgrounds Pro

A beautiful background is the foundation of your design. Backgrounds Pro gives you access to over 1000 backgrounds. From patterns and gradients to textures and photos, we’ve got something for every style.

Text Pro
New in Canva Pro

Say it in style with 500 premium fonts

Forget generic fonts – unlock 500 premium styles exclusive to the Canva Pro suite. You can also upload up to 100 custom fonts, so you’ve got a range of options for different projects and clients. Stay consistent and save time by choosing default fonts for all your designs.

New in Canva Pro

Your shortcut to great design

20,000 stunning templates, made from gorgeous premium elements – with no more to pay. Our designers have done the hard work for you. All you have to do is change the text and customize to your tastes!

Elements Pro
New in Canva Pro

The perfect ingredient for every design

Find the perfect image for every project, right inside Canva. We’ve got half a million premium elements for you to add to your designs.

New in Canva Pro

Perfect size, perfect quality

You choose the right size and quality for your design, so you can publish your design without pixellation or blurriness. Plus transparent PNGs! Perfect for logos and buttons, transparent PNG images give you the flexibility to place your design on any image or background.

New in Canva 2.0

Canva Pro now available on iPhone and iPad

Access awesome functionality including Magic Resize, Transparent b/g export and Brand colors from your iPhone and iPad.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 2.58.37 pm
New in Canva 2.0

Make first impressions count with Canva’s business card maker

Need a sleek business card? Canva’s business card maker is an easy-to-use tool that magically creates a personalized business card for you in less than 60 seconds. Simply add your name, industry and show us your style. From there, we'll generate the business card that you can instantly download and use for free. Check it out here https://www.canva.com/tools/business-card-maker/

May 18, 2019

More stunning photos at your fingertips

Photos 2.0 is Canva's new photos marketplace, where you can easily browse and discover great photos to use in your next design.

New in Canva 2.0

The best color combos with Canva Color Wheel

Wondering what colors go well together? Canva's color wheel is an interactive color calculator that helps you find the perfect color scheme for your next project. Learn everything you always wanted to know about color theory, analogous, monochromatic and triadic color combinations. Check it out at www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/

New in Canva 2.0

Just press play: video now available on Canva iOS & Android

That’s right — you can now create and export designs with videos included. Add a video to any template, in the same easy way you would add a photo. Add multiple videos to one page or combine your pages together to make a short video clip. Bring the magic of motion to your designs today.

Coming soon

All new Canva Button

The all new Canva Button allows your users and customers the ability to design banners, ads, headers, and more, right from within your platform. Learn more and register your interest here: https://about.canva.com/button/

Coming soon

Numbered lists as easy as 1,2,3

Create numbered lists on Canva and never lose count again.

New in Canva 2.0

Maximum efficiency by allocating your team into groups

For maximum efficiency, allocate team members into groups. This handy function allow you to create sets of users to share designs and folders all at once.

New in Canva 2.0

Just color me 'gradient'

Two colors are better than one. Search for "gradient recolorable" and play around with the color combinations of your choice.

Coming soon!

See your text in all the templates

Remember those days when you would lose your text in a design when you select a new template? Bah. We hate losing text too - so good news! With our smart text transfer magic, any text you enter is preserved, and mapped intelligently into the text elements of the new applied template! So go ahead, explore our templates with no fear!

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.39.47 pm
New in Canva 2.0

50 new Instagram Story templates

Step up your game with our new 50 Instagram story templates, and you'll achieve Insta-famous status in no time.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.29.32 pm
New in Canva 2.0

Link your Dropbox account

Drop it like it's hot. Check out your Apps tab and look for our new Dropbox integration - now you can drop images from your Dropbox account straight into your Canva designs.

New in Canva 2.0

Move multiple pages at once with Page Manager

Have you ever wanted to move multiple pages at once or move pages multiple positions at a time? What about copying or deleting multiple pages in one go? Now you can! Canva's new Page Manager gives you a thumbnail view of your design that makes moving, copying, adding and deleting pages a breeze.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.12.52 pm
New in Canva 2.0

Brand fonts now on Canva for iOS

On the go but don't want to leave your brand behind? Lucky for you, branding just got easier for Canva Pro users. Access your brand fonts on Canva for iOS and win the branding race.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.08.36 pm
New in Canva 2.0

Download Canva designs as Powerpoint

Sometimes, you just need a powerpoint. But fear not - with Canva you can now download your awesome Canva designs into a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. But next time, just present on Canva - trust me, it's super easy.

New in Canva 2.0

Color search with keywords or hex

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? With Canva's new Color Search function, you probably can! Search colors by using keywords such as "blue" to bring up all shades of the color, or try "summer" to bring up all shades associated with the season. Know what want? Search by hex code to discover palettes that match.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 2.31.51 pm
New in Canva 2.0

Element Locking now available

Want more control? Stay on brand anytime, anywhere with the new Element Locking feature and lock elements to place within your brand templates!

Recently Used Elements
New in Canva 2.0

Easy access to your recently used elements

When time is of the essence, it helps to have all your recently used elements on hand. With the new Recently Used Elements feature, the search is over. Quickly access media you've used before and spend more time designing - not hunting.

New in Canva 2.0

Canva Print now in Southeast Asia

Canva Print is now in Southeast Asia! Yes you read that right. 10 new countries and regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Brunei. So what are you waiting for? Watch your designs come to life as we bring them from your monitor screen to your doorsteps!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 5.41.14 pm (1)
New in Canva 2.0

We Come From a Land Down Under

At Canva, we’re proud of our true-blue Aussie roots. Our sunburnt country is home to some of the oldest art traditions in the world - that’s why we’ve decided to celebrate with an Aussie version of our Web App. A few of our own larrikins have snuck in some cheeky phrases and sayings to give it a ridgy-didge, dinky-die feel. Want to design in Australian? No worries, mate.

New in Canva 2.0

Germany: Say Guten Tag to Euro payments

Forget about converting from US Dollars to Euros. Canva is launching local currency payments in Germany, so you can pay the Euro way. Premium images and print products will now be priced in your local currency. No more international transactions, hooray!

New in Canva 2.0

Australia: Pay the local way

It’s no longer all about the Benjamins. Today, it’s all about the AUD. Canva has launched local currency payments in Australia. Now, when you buy a premium image, or order prints, you won’t have to convert from US Dollars to Australian Dollars, or make an international transaction. You beauty!

New in Canva 2.0

Make your designs iconic by adding emoji ?

Words cannot express how excited we are to be adding emoji to the Canva experience. So, we're going to let the emojis do the talking. ??? Add them to your designs clicking on "Apps" in the editor ???????

New in Canva 2.0

Stacked bar charts for even sexier data

If you ask us, data is underrated. Who said a humble graph can't be attractive? With our new bar chart feature, it will be love at first slide as you take what was once a boring presentation and make it over into a work of art. Even Picasso would be impressed.

Coming soon

Embed your YouTube videos, GIFs, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Spotify Songs and more!

Always dreamt of a mid-presentation dance break? Dreams really do come true. Make your designs as interactive as possible: now you can embed YouTube videos, GIFs, Tweets, Facebook posts and Spotify songs (to name a few) into your presentations and websites. Get ready to boogie!

New in Canva 2.0

Canva launches Presenter View (with notes!) for presenting like a pro

Stay on script without squinting at the screen. With half the screen dedicated to your speaker notes, you're all set for a flawless delivery. Want to jump ahead mid-presentation? With Presenter View's slide carousel you don't have to show slides in order. Go back or skip over slides without your audience noticing a thing. Now you'll be at least 10% less afraid of public speaking.

New in Canva 2.0

Canva now available Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu

Look in the mirror and what do you see? Canva 2.0 in right-to-left languages, that's what. Yes, you can now access Canva in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Urdu. We've taken the editor and optimized it for these languages, and added right-to-left fonts. Just another milestone in our mission to enable design for everyone, everywhere.

New in Canva 2.0

Schedule your posts with Canva Schedule

Design now, post later. With Canva Schedule you can stay in control of your social media presence while freeing up time to concentrate on other things. Schedule your posts hours, days or weeks in advance—Canva Schedule will automatically post them according to the plan you’ve set. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin, with more coming soon.

New in Canva 2.0

Share your presentation or document as a fullscreen website

So you've finished your presentation, the standing ovation is finally over (people were really going wild with applause, weren't they?) and now all you've got left are memories and a slideshow that you put hours of work into. If only it could live on and have a second life. Well, now it can: as a website. Thanks to Canva, you can transform your presentations into stunning, clickable websites.

15 August 2018

Canva launches in China!

At Canva we are determined to empower the entire world to design with our platform. Our next stop on this journey is China. Today, we're incredibly excited to release web and mobile versions of Canva to the Chinese market. Our Chinese apps have been completely localized – we've got Chinese images, fonts and templates, ready for our Chinese community to use for free.

New in Canva 2.0

Get more space to design by collapsing the side panel

You're a real intrepid type. A trail blazer. You see a button, you press it. So when you spot the arrow on the side panel (you know, the one where the templates and images are shown), you click the button. "Aha!" you exclaim. Now you can design in fullscreen. "Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture," you say. You're so deep.

New in Canva 2.0

Fast-track your design with keyboard shortcuts

On your marks, get set, design! Think you're a Canva power user? Then you'd better get across our new keyboard shortcuts, quicksmart. Our top five: 'R' to add a rectangle on your page, 'L' to add a line, 'T' to add text, '⌘/' for opening/closing the object panel and '⌘D' for duplicate. You can find the whole list by searching "shortcuts" in Canva Assistant.

New in Canva 2.0

Create a beautiful website in just a few clicks

We want to make your life easier, so we've applied the Canva magic to websites—now, making your own webpage only takes a few clicks. It's as easy as ordering pizza delivered to your door, except you don't even have to worry about the delivery guy seeing you in your pajamas. With 100 beautiful templates and 4 slick navigation styles, we've got a better menu than your favorite pizza place.

New in Canva 2.0

Create designs twice as fast with the new homepage search bar

Your boss calls. She needs a presentation, stat. You go to canva.com—oh hey, there's a new search bar on the homepage. You type "sales presentation" into the search bar. Voilà, dozens of sales presentation templates appear. The presentation is a hit, and your boss gives you a promotion. Search over 800 design categories and create new designs in an instant. (Promotions not guaranteed.)

New in Canva 2.0

Canva's new and improved Animator lets you instantly turn your designs into animated videos

Someone call Hollywood, there's a new movie maker in town! Canva's animator lets you instantly transform your designs into animations and videos. We've got 6 on-trend animation styles for you to choose from. Download your video as a GIF or movie file to share on your favorite social networks, embed on a website or share with friends and family. Action!

New in Canva 2.0

Publish directly to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and more

We get it: you're busy. You barely have time to call your Mom, let alone download your Canva designs and then upload them to your favorite sites. Well, this one's for you. Level up your workflow by sharing instantly to Pinterest, LinkedIn or Slack. Simply click the "Export" button, then find your favorite site and unleash your genius upon the world. Then call your Mom.

New in Canva 2.0

Get in the loop with autoplay presentations—on loop

Now presenting... presentations on loop! Turn your slideshow into a TV billboard with our autoplay feature for presentations. Perfect for trade shows and lobbies alike, looped presentations are a great way to keep your audience effortlessly informed. Give it a try: simply select "Present" from the Publish dropdown, then select "Autoplay".

New in Canva 2.0

Express your creativity in 100+ languages

Our mission is to empower the world to design—no matter what language they speak. That's why Canva 2.0 is here for you in over 100 languages: from widely spoken Spanish dialects to indigenous languages only spoken in certain parts of the world, like Aymara and K'iche'. One of our languages, Corsican, only has around 150,000 native speakers—and stems from a tiny French island in the Mediterranean.

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