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How American Airlines protects their brand with Canva for Enterprise

About American Airlines

In 1926, American Airlines operated its first commercial flight from St. Louis to Chicago. Since these humble beginnings, American Airlines has become one of the world’s most recognizable and trusted brands to date, providing thousands of flights daily to hundreds of destinations across multiple countries, American Airlines has grown to expand across the globe.

American Airlines uses Canva’s Brand Kit to control and access their brand assets

The Challenge

As with any long-standing, trusted business, measures need to be taken to ensure that the integrity and identity of the brand are safeguarded.

With a massive presence online, across a variety of social media platforms — boasting over one million followers on Instagram alone — the American Airlines team seemed to have a never-ending stream of design requests to create and manage.

“Not everyone was on the same page,” says Matthew Jacinto, Analyst, Creative Requests and Guidelines at American Airlines.

Despite all of the team’s hard work to stay collaborative and communicative, the lengthy process of submitting individual requests for marketing assets was not only time-consuming, but the designs were not always what the requester had in mind.

This led to a delay in marketing and branding initiatives. This also led to employees getting frustrated and going off-brand in order to create their own designs.

While Senior Designer, Matthew Jacinto, had explored other collaborative design platforms, and resourcing options, he found that nothing provided the features, support, and flexibility required to solve his team’s specific challenges.

And then came a challenge which was impossible for any business to predict. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire airline industry, Matthew’s team had to act especially fast to promote their public response to customers across the globe.

“Projects that once took over 10 hours of work to complete can now be done in under an hour.”

Here's how they did it

Adopting Canva for Enterprise has meant that American Airlines can easily design anything, anywhere in the world, on any device and now saves hours and resources on every project that they undertake.

Using Canva’s drag-and-drop tool, the team simply customizes the brand templates and sends them directly to the creative team’s group email inbox.

With the workflow approval tool. Matthew is then able to quickly make comments or edits, and approve designs in an instant.

Streamlining collaboration with the workflow approval tool was a huge time saver for the American Airlines team. “Projects that once took over 10 hours of work to complete can now be done in under an hour” explains Matthew.

Marketers can now use pre-designed brand templates to easily create assets, and submit them directly to Matthew for approval. To streamline their workflow, Matthew’s design team created brand templates that any employee can easily use — no design experience needed.

And best of all, everything the team creates is perfectly representative of the American Airlines brand. With the Brand Control feature, the team has access to preset fonts, images, logos, and more, so everything they create meets American Airlines’ standards.

Since its implementation, Matthew’s entire organization has loved the versatility and ease of use that Canva for Enterprise offers. His team is even creating a Canva Power User program to help upskill and empower new members within the organization.

In response to the global pandemic, American Airlines’ response campaign, “Buy, Gift and Transfer”, was launched with great success. Using Canva, the team was able to quickly create digital, social, and print advertising to promote the policy, and get it all approved by Matthew with ease.

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“When I first found Canva for Enterprise, it seemed too good to be true. The platform has every feature that our team needs, like Brand Control and automatic workflow approvals, all at a very attractive price.”
Matthew Jacinto
Senior Designer, Creative Services, American Airlines
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