How the Rekom nightlife group fast tracked business growth during the pandemic

About Rekom

Founded in 2007 by Adam Falbert, REKOM is Scandinavia’s largest nightlife group with venues ranging from apres-ski and vibrant cocktail bars to popular nightclub chains. more than 10 million guests who visit their bars, pubs, and nightclubs every single year.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, REKOM owns and independently operates over 100 nightclub brands across 200 venues with offices across Denmark, Norway, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Despite the increasing impact of the pandemic on the entertainment industry, REKOM has been able to scale its international operations.

Canva’s brand book management

The challenge

Led by Head of Design Frederik Myhr, REKOM’s global design team is responsible for designing, and promoting campaigns for over 100 brands. On top of this, the team is also responsible for localizing designs to suit the club culture of the city, unique party themes, or specific event programs and bar menus of the venue.

Traditionally, multi-brand companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, or L'Oreal, have big teams to support each brand or sub-brand. However, for the REKOM Group, while each venue has its own unique branding, but the design needs are often much simpler — including, social media posts, designed menus, or a promotional poster. Previously, these designs needed to be created by Frederik’s team, within a timely fashion.

Therefore, designers spent a lot of time with back-and-forth communication over design requests. The process took valuable time away from more crucial creative work for the business. Frederik says, "A venue often needed designs within two hours, and with over 100 venues asking for the same thing, completing these requests just wasn't possible." He continues to explain, "That's not all; the nature of the nightlife business also calls for designs used for social media that have a minimal life span. The posts may live for a day or a week, so it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of energy in sending a design brief, creating a draft, or getting feedback."

Unable to turn around designs fast enough for every venue, site managers would hire freelancers to meet the demand. Consequently, this created brand inconsistency when trying to effectively communicate the brand identity of the club.

Rekom uses Canva’s Brand Kit to control and access their brand assets

Frederik and his team needed a design system that allowed for faster content generation and simple content management across brands and countries. In particular, Frederik’s goal when looking was to empower every venue and site manager to independently create, self-produce, and publish on-brand social media posts with ease and speed.

This is where Canva for Enterprise entered to support REKOM’s marketing, and internal communication needs.

Here’s how they did it

Introduced to the REKOM Group by Frederik in 2019, Canva for Enterprise was immediately made accessible to all the venue managers and site managers, across all 130 Rekom venues. This introduction has allowed for REKOM to create a more scalable business model. Since 2019, REKOM has scaled to more than 200 venues, and having Canva for Enterprise was a key tool that supported the team to create new brand identities and promotion collateral in new markets.

Empowering every team with customizable templates

In order to remove design bottlenecks, the REKOM design team created on-brand social media templates for each venue. Creating a library of templates enabled Frederik's design team to empower REKOM 's site managers to quickly customize templates with a few clicks. For regional site operators who managed multiple venues, the templates enabled them to quickly customize and design promotional materials, adding photography and video content with Canva's intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

Previously, a design request for a social media post had an eight-day turnaround.

With Canva for Enterprise, REKOM ’s site managers could almost instantly bring their social media campaigns to life for club events or experiences, themed parties, or social stories with ease, and on time. "We've managed to cut out all social media designs as most of them are now created by the site managers. We keep designs relevant and fresh by creating new templates in Canva for them," says Frederik.

Harnessing the power of Brand Kit

In a competitive social-media landscape, it’s essential that brands are able to effectively communicate the brand to their audience in order to grow. REKOM understands the importance of brand consistency, and so, every brand has its own Brand Kit within Canva.

Now, the team can organize specific design assets and templates for each brand to preserve a visual style for every REKOM venue. Brand Kit also created better brand consistency.

Unleashing creativity with training and education

To establish a smooth, seamless adoption of Canva for Enterprise, Frederik and his design team created Canva training courses that are accessible to the staff within the company. The courses range from familiarizing everyone with the tools and features of Canva for Enterprise to understanding design theory. Passionate about improving design quality and designing for accessibility, Frederik explains, “As we now heavily rely on people using the template, it’s important they understand what makes a good design and the basics of visual hierarchy. So one of the ways we’re trying to help people create better designs in the future is to train and educate them.” The training courses REKOM provides have been inspirational and empowered many people to be more creative, particularly the younger generation.

Bringing presentations and content to life with Canva

The in-house design courses Frederik’s team provided have inspired REKOM’s senior management to bring their presentations to life in Canva. Frederik says, “they’re starting to use Canva for presentations because it makes it easier for them to make their presentations come to life.

REKOM’s Commercial Activation Director, Malthe Geppel, reflects on presentation creation prior to Canva — “I've never been a fan of PowerPoint slides. They take a long time to make and often end up looking like something from the past. During the pandemic, I took the time to scout for alternatives and was recommended to Canva. I assumed the learning curve was steep, but after only 2 hours of training, I now use Canva for all my presentations.

Frederik’s favorite features include Canva’s eye-catching animated objects, GIFs, and its new video editing functionality. “All the stuff that moves is really valuable because it’s so important for content to be alive, especially on social media. So it’s great to be able to easily add a few animated elements and make the design perform a lot better with just the click of a mouse.”


Mastering highly successful social media communication beyond likes and shares is crucial for nightlife businesses like REKOM. Even though the world of entertainment saw a massive disruption with the global pandemic, through strategic mergers, social amplification and a keen interest in empowering local brands to own content creation, last year REKOM expanded its venues by over 53%.

Canva for Enterprise has enabled Frederik’s designers to manage the growing workload despite their growth and expansion effortlessly. Frederik testifies, “Canva is the perfect combination of being very intuitive and powerful, at the same time.”

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Easy design platform

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