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Adapt to the future of teamwork

As the world moves towards new ways of hybrid working, Canva for Enterprise is the collaborative platform that inspires teams to do their best work, together. Brainstorm, share ideas, and design in real-time. Give, receive, and action feedback instantly with live commenting. Plus you can gain insights on team activity by leveraging Team Reports. Stay in sync, accelerate your creative process and move faster as a team.

Accelerate your team’s workflows

Simplify and streamline your team’s design process with everything you need to unlock creativity and productivity. Use Canva for Enterprise to create together from any device or location. And with intuitive tools like Background Remover, Magic Resize, and one-click animations. Whatever idea you’re bringing to life will stand out beautifully in seconds, ready to be published on any channel.

Ensure brand consistency at scale

Canva for Enterprise enables your team to design anything — on brand, every time. With Multiple Brand Kits, you can upload your brand or campaign’s colors, fonts, and logos, and apply them to any design. Your design team can also create branded templates for every team’s need, to be customized for any purpose. With design permissions, you’ll be able to lock and unlock design elements within a template.

Access unlimited content

Tap into the ultimate resource for inspiration and creativity starters. Give your designers unlimited access to 100 million+ premium stock photos, 400k+ professionally designed templates, videos, audio, graphics, and more. Or carefully curate and unlock branded assets and templates to empower your team to self-produce professional on-brand designs at scale.

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