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Drive efficiency and creative performance through Ad Platform Integrations

Businesses of all sizes are facing a multitude of challenges when it comes to generating effective visual communications. The consistent need to produce, manage, and scale content necessary to meaningfully engage audiences can consume resources, exhaust budgets, and take up valuable time.

Join us for a dynamic discussion with experts from Canva, Meta, Amazon, and Google, as we tackle ad tech industry challenges head-on.

Learn how to drive both organizational efficiency and creative performance and get a first look at 3 exciting new ad platform integrations with Canva.

Topics include:

  • Identifying common visual communication challenges for businesses
  • Harnessing ad integrations to drive organizational agility
  • Best practices that have proven effective in driving successful ad campaigns
  • The opportunity and impact of automation and AI on business strategies

Note: Capacity is limited. There are two replay sessions scheduled for May 28 at 12:00 PM EDT and 9:00 PM EDT. Everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording.


Anwar Haneef

GM & Head of Ecosystem, Canva

Anwar is the GM & Head of Ecosystem at Canva where he leads the team building the platform connecting Canva users with innovations from developers and tech partners. Prior to Canva, he led several products at Google including Firebase and Android TV, and was the founding Head of Product for Google TV, taking it from a proof of concept to global launch. He previously also held Marketing, Product, Engineering and GTM leadership roles at Google Play/Android/Chrome, IBM Watson, PwC, Motorola and co-founded an enterprise software company Red Rabbit. For fun, Anwar loves cooking for his wife and two daughters.

Amanda Silvernale

Global Product Lead for Creative Solutions, Google

Amanda Silvernale is the Global Product Lead for Creative Solutions at Google. She is responsible for representing global market needs in our creative products, and bringing solutions to market that drive results for marketers. Amanda has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience in media and technology and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University.

Jeff Cohen

Tech Evangelist, Amazon

Jeff Cohen is a Tech Evangelist at Amazon Ads. Jeff travels the world sharing insights on Amazon Ads technology and best practices. Jeff joined Amazon in January 2022 to build a community in the Amazon Ads tech space. Since joining, he has created a weekly LinkedIn newsletter that is read by thousands of partners and advertisers who seek to keep up on the world of Amazon Ads. Prior to joining Amazon Ads, Jeff was head of product and marketing at Seller Labs, an Amazon Ads tech partner.

Cecilia LV

Strategic Partnerships Lead, Meta

Cecilia has 13 years of experience spanning business strategy, partnerships, sales, and digital marketing. Currently, Cecilia is part of Meta’s global Monetization Partnerships team where she develops strategic partnerships with top creative and commerce platforms to build products and launch solutions to help advertisers achieve better results using Meta platform. Prior to this role, Cecilia was in business development working with the largest travel advertisers in Asia Pacific to grow their businesses through maximizing opportunities with Meta and its family of apps. Cecilia holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Science from Singapore Management.

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