Making an Impact: Business presentations with Canva

Are you ready to impress clients and colleagues with Canva Presentations? This webinar will show you how to captivate your audience with cinematic visuals alongside tried-and-true presentation techniques.

After a quick tour of the editor for those new to Canva, we’ll jump into the art of branding your presentation. Consistent visuals, tone, and messaging are key to building brand consistency and connecting more deeply with your audience in a presentation. So we’ll show you how to keep your brand in the focus all the way through.

Collaboration is another vital aspect we'll explore. Designing alone can be intimidating, but Canva makes collaboration simple and efficient. We'll show you how to rally your entire team and create stunning presentations in no time.

Finally, we'll wrap up with a focus on presenting with confidence. We'll explore how you can share your presentation with the world, ensuring you're equipped to present your work with poise and assurance.

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Community Specialist, Canva

Originally from California, Debbi has worked around the globe in varying industries ranging from tourism to tech. Outside of work, she can be found hiking, eating copious amounts of food, and patting as many dogs as possible.

Multiple sessions available
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