Empower Your Internal Communications with Canva Docs

Do you struggle to create compelling internal comms? If so, you’re not alone.

This webinar will show you how to bring the power of design to your internal company communications with Canva Docs.

Canva Docs lets you design interactive, visual documents supercharged with videos, images, graphics, charts, and graphs.

Our webinar will start with an introduction to Canva, which is perfect for those new to the platform.

Then we'll be joined by Jennie Rogerson, Canva’s Global Head of People, and Ed Munns, the Head of Internal Communications at Canva. They’ll share their top tips as well as thoughts on the role of communication in an increasingly visual world.

Afterwards, we'll explore how you can collaborate and share your creations with just your team – or the world, if you want to share your news far and wide.

We'll wrap up the session with some handy resources to get you creating with your team.

So, buckle up and learn how to master your internal communications with Canva Docs.



Go To Market Program Lead, Canva

Claydan is our Go To Market Program Lead in the Sales and Success team with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He loves communication, be it public speaking, or through direct sales engagement and spreadsheet wizardry. With a wide range of specialties across employee engagement, sales strategy, customer growth, training and content creation, Claydan is a one-man business band.

Multiple sessions available
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