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Canva for Education overview for schools, districts, and school systems

As your personal guide, Scott will walk you through the benefits of setting up a 100% free deployment of Canva for Schools in your primary and secondary school, school district, or school system. We’ll talk about the setup process, the advantages of institutional deployment, why Canva is a transformational tool in educational settings, and walk through the details of the setup process.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • About the premium features of the Canva for Schools product
  • Why Canva has committed to making Canva for Schools free, forever
  • Why it’s better to set up as an institution rather than having users sign up individually
  • How to start the signup and setup process for your institution

This webinar is suitable for: School or school district administrators interested in deploying Canva for Education in their primary and secondary institutions.

Includes: Access to webinar and participation in a live Q&A panel and chat.


Scott Nunes

District Engagement Advocate, Canva

Formerly a graphic designer, award-winning educator, district tech coach, and co-leader of a virtual school, Scott Nunes works as a District Engagement Advocate on Canva’s Schools and Districts team. With years of experience inspiring and influencing educators and students, Scott remains committed to doing the most good possible in education as he works to bring Canva for Education to schools and school systems around the world.

Multiple sessions available
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