Canva Whiteboards: Your Ultimate Tool for Collaborative Work

It’s no secret that whiteboards foster creativity, enhance learning, and streamline project management.

In this webinar, we'll explore Canva Whiteboards. We’ll show you how to use Whiteboards for brainstorming sessions, social media planning, and even designing systems.

We'll give you a tour of Canva Whiteboards to start off. If you're a Canva novice – don't worry. We've got a foolproof beginner's guide lined up for you.

Then we’ll talk about fostering collaboration and stimulating creativity with Whiteboards, and equip you with the skills you need to get your team into action.

Our guest speaker Ciaran, from Obvious Brand Partners agency, uses whiteboards in a variety of his team’s workflows, so he’ll shed light on his experience.

Then to wrap up, we'll showcase five ingenious ways to use Whiteboards that go way beyond brainstorming.

So don’t miss out! Join us as to discover the possibilities of Canva Whiteboards.



Design Educator, Canva

Jo Wright is a highly experienced designer and design educator, having worked on publishing and branding projects with the likes of Facebook, Fairfax, Indesign Group and APL Media London over her 20 years of experience. Jo founded WinWin Magazine, has developed multiple learning design products, and taught students in university settings.

Ciaran Jack

Founder, Obvious Brand Partners

Ciaran Jack is the founder and Director at Obvious Brand Partners, a NZ-based agency that supports brands to communicate clearly and confidently. They are passionate about building brands with purpose, empowering organisations to stand out for what they stand for through their shared expertise and collaborative workflows.

Multiple sessions available
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