1. Designing on your mobile device

Designing on your mobile device

Learn how to design on a small screen and get an overview of features available on mobile.

Learn how to design on a small screen and explore the ins and outs of the mobile apps as we show you how to create Instagram content using the Canva app. Learn how to navigate the home screen and add a photo by taking one live or selecting from your camera roll. From there you'll explore how to edit and add to your design, before sharing it with the world!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What features are available in Canva Mobile apps
  • Difference between desktop and mobile
  • How to add media
  • How to make your design move with video and animation
  • Sharing your design

This webinar is suitable for: Everyone who is new to Canva or would like to understand the features of Canva Mobile. No prior experience is necessary.

Includes: Live access to webinar and participation in live Q&A session at the end of the session



Design School Educator

Hadas is a graphic designer and design educator. Her tutorials can be found on Canva’s Facebook communities and YouTube channel.

This event has ended.

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