Unlock the full power of Canva for your nonprofit

Over 260,000 nonprofits use Canva regularly to reach their goals and have an impact in their communities.

With the recent launch of Canva for Teams, nonprofits can now unlock even more amazing features to collaborate with team members on their Canva for Nonprofits plan.

If you’re ready for a productivity game changer, you don’t want to miss this live webinar.

We’ll explore how to unlock the power of your team, maintain brand consistency, create templates and collaborate in real time and asynchronously, saving time while having fun.

Speaking of fun, a few lucky winners will also take home our coveted prizes.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand how Canva is a collaborative tool useful for working from anywhere
  • Learn how to create your team in Canva and set everything up for success
  • Learn how to manage your brand with Brand kits, templates and controls
  • Get useful tips on brainstorming, collaborating and designing with your team
  • Learn how to turn presentations into brainstorms with Canva’s whiteboards
  • This webinar is suitable for nonprofits currently on a Canva for Nonprofits plan or looking to apply.



Design Educator, Canva

Arturo is a designer and design educator with over eight years’ experience working for nonprofits and international organizations. He’s passionate about all things design, learning and storytelling for change.

This event has ended.

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