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Create custom faces with the best AI face generator

Worry no more about finding the perfect stock photo with Text to Image on Canva. With the AI person generator, you can make custom, photorealistic faces for your pitch decks, websites, product demos, and more.

Generate your own stock photos

Generate AI faces with text prompts

Can’t find the right photo for your project? Need a fresh face for your marketing assets? Instead of sifting through hundreds of overused photos, use the free AI face generator to create realistic persons in a few clicks. Simply type your text prompt and watch your ideas come alive. Use Text to Image(opens in a new tab or window) on Canva to generate stunning, lifelike faces and characters tailored to your visual narrative. Our AI portrait generator(opens in a new tab or window) also creates various portrait styles that perfectly match your vision.

Have creative control over your images

Customize your AI-generated faces

Canva brings next-level content creation to your fingertips. With the AI human generator, specify age, gender, skin tone, hair length, and ethnic characteristics. Decide on the AI person’s emotions and add a background, ensuring every detail matches your creative vision. Say goodbye to generic stock photos now and use the AI person photo generator for customized human images that meet your needs or create talking head videos with our AI video generator(opens in a new tab or window).

Make, edit, and share photos on one platform

Edit your AI-generated faces with Magic Eraser

More than just a face AI generator, our powerful photo editor comes with dozens of tools and apps to make designing a breeze. Edit photos with our image enhancer(opens in a new tab or window), make them pop with fun frames and borders(opens in a new tab or window), or remove background distractions with the AI photo editor(opens in a new tab or window). Unlock endless design possibilities with Canva and generate beautiful, unique faces seamlessly blending into any project. Do it all and more with the seamless PPT to PDF converter(opens in a new tab or window)or pattern generator(opens in a new tab or window) on Canva.

How to make an AI face

How to make an AI face
Create a face with AI

Open Canva with a web browser or app to generate a realistic human face from text. Select any ready-made template or start a new design project from scratch.

On the editor, navigate to the sidebar, look for Apps, and then choose the Text to Image app.

Describe the face or character you want to generate, including gender, age, ethnic traits, emotion, and background. Select the style and aspect ratio before clicking Create your image.

Personalize your photo with our drag-and-drop tools. Add visual elements from our library. Crop, flip , and sharpen the image. Or, apply stylish filters and effects until you’re satisfied.

Download your work as a high-quality JPG or PNG image output file. Share them via email or social media, or add them to your existing Canva presentations and designs.
Create a face with AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Find face generators using AI like Text to Image. Decide which characteristics you want your virtual person to have, input or type the details in the app, and generate your image in seconds. No need for complex software or tools—the AI human face generator can quickly produce an AI-generated face from a text prompt.

Yes, the AI face generator from text lets you produce AI-powered visuals for free. The app accurately recreates human facial features from a text prompt and allows you to fully customize your virtual character. Describe the characteristics of your AI person in detail, such as facial shape, eye color, hair length, and skin tone, then generate it for free in seconds.

The AI face image generator and other generative AI tools show increasing capabilities in creating high-quality, photorealistic images of human faces. However, generative AI technology is still fairly new. Generator tools have limited databases, meaning you can only generate something based on what’s currently available. So, if you want to generate AI faces with highly specific or uncommon characteristics, you may not always find what you're looking for.
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