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Convert text to image with an AI image generator

Get creative with your words and watch them transform into stunning pictures that tell a story. Turn text into an image using Canva’s free AI image generator app and use them to add visual flavor to your designs.

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Introducing Text to Image

When you can't find the perfect images to add to your design, simply find the right words and witness them magically come to life. From sensible descriptions to whimsical ideas, achieve AI-generated images in a few seconds with Canva’s Text to Image app, powered by Stable Diffusion. Go to Canva Apps or open a design template on your desktop, iOS, or Android app to start AI image generation. Create an image from text that’ll quickly visualize your unique concept or idea for you and add it to any presentation or social media post.

Pictures do tell a thousand words

Express yourself through the power of images and let your words deliver them straight to your design. No more time to waste on starting from scratch! Our beta version supports English text so you can describe away objects, people, surroundings, or colors. Canva’s free AI art generator quickly interprets and illustrates your text prompts from never-before-seen pictures on the Internet to complex images you don’t have in your gallery. So whether you’d like to see a panda flying across New York City or a spaceship flown by a fish, you’re sure it captures your thoughts and presents options you can place on your poster or storyboard.

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Surprising styles that come naturally

Add a twist to your AI-generated images with fun style options. Our text-to-image converter can generate AI art in different styles, including Photo, Drawing, Painting, 3D, Pattern, and Concept Art. Create a lifelike rendering with a 3D style that you can use for your futuristic invitation. Or use the AI art generator’s painting style to produce textured brushstrokes. Not sure what style to go for? Try the “Surprise Me” feature when you convert your text to image. Every AI-generated image will be a pleasant surprise.

All the right elements in our photo editor

Complete the bigger picture with your AI-generated images and Canva’s photo editing tools at your disposal. It’s all in one place! Explore our powerful photo editor and elements library to cohesively tie your AI-generated images from text into your overall design. Modify brightness, adjust contrast, or play around with fun filters to instantly enhance your photos. You can also include texts with beautiful font combinations to caption your AI art. Match it with other graphics such as frames, stickers, vectors, icons, and illustrations. Then, make it dynamic with our animation options.

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Creating is fun and safe

Fun is at the core of building new visual ideas. You can pour in your creative juices, and our free AI art generator will kickstart your concepts and ensure that artful inspiration flows continuously. While you bring all the passion and excitement into your design, we assure you it never ends! Or gets dampened by harmful and unsafe content. We’ve put safety measures in place for our Text to Image app. You can enjoy your creative pursuits and still exercise empathy and responsibility.

How to make AI-generated images

  1. Launch our Text to Image app
    Start a design project from scratch or with a template. On the editor, go to the sidebar and click More. Then, click on the Text to Image app.
  2. Convert text to image
    Enter your text prompt on our text-to-image generator to convert it into an image. Get creative and descriptive with your prompt. You can choose any available image style like Photo, Drawing, or Pattern. Or use the “Surprise Me” option to get a random style. Then, click Generate Image.
  3. Enhance your AI image or art
    Click on the AI-generated image to add it to your design. You can enhance the photo with our built-in photo editor. Adjust the image setting sliders, add depth of field with Autofocus, or apply exciting filters. Crop images, resize, or flip as needed.
  4. Explore our media library
    Spruce up your AI-generated images or design project with fun graphic design elements from our free media library. Add stickers, illustrations, and borders to your AI image. You can also put text on your image and play with different font styles.
  5. Download and share
    Download your unique AI-generated image in a high-resolution image format. Or save your design project that contains the converted images. You can also share your work online via social media and email.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To create AI-generated images, the machine learning model scans millions of images across the internet along with the text associated with them. The algorithms spot trends in the images and text and eventually begin to guess which image and text fit together. Once the model can predict what an image should look like from a given text, they can create entirely new images from scratch based on a new set of descriptive text users enter on the app.

The best AI image generator lets you convert text to a 3D image without complicated software. With our platform, you can take something from your imagination and instantly turn it into an amazing AI image or artwork. Simply enter a description, then create incredible images for your blog or social media profile. You can be as creative as you want! You can access our Text to Image app for free on the web or mobile.

There are plenty of benefits to using an AI text-to-image generator. Bring your idea to life instantly without having to spend time designing from scratch. No more creative blocks as you start inspired and easily create stunning visuals. Use your AI-generated art as eye-catching web content, quirky social media posts, or winning design proposals. Convert text to image using an AI generator—it's fun, fast, and free!

You may use images you create with Text to Image for any legal purpose, including for personal or commercial projects, as long as you follow our terms.

If you are going to use these images for commercial projects, please note that you may not have exclusive rights to your images. This means other people may also use them.

Please be mindful that Canva doesn’t provide any guarantee that the images you create are cleared for use (particularly if the image you create looks like someone else’s work). If you are going to use images for any commercial purpose (e.g. selling your creations), it may be a good idea to seek local legal advice.

One of Canva’s values is to “Be A Good Human” and we ask you to keep this in mind when using Text to Image. Do not use the app to create harmful content, infringe any third party rights (like copyright or trademarks), or to defame anyone. Remember to tell anyone who is viewing your images that they are AI-generated.

You can read the full terms here.

We don’t recommend this. Certain public figures have legal rights that allow them to control how their image is used commercially and they may not be happy with you creating AI-generated images of them.

Similarly, if you use Text to Image to create recognisable characters or brands, these may be protected by copyright or trademarks. You should not use these images without getting permission from the rights owner. Canva can’t give you this permission.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this! The treatment of AI-generated works under copyright law is an open question and the answer may vary depending on what country you live in.

For now, Canva does not make any copyright claim over the images you create with Text to Image. As between you and Canva, you own the images you create with Text to Image (subject to you following our terms), and you give us the right to host them on our platform and to use them for marketing our products.

However, please note that this does not mean you are the copyright owner of the images or that you have exclusive rights to them.

Our values define how we build our products, treat our community and impact the world. We want to ensure our community feels safe when creating and interacting with content on our platform.

To ensure our community can enjoy Text to Image safely and responsibly, we've put various measures in place including automated reviews of input prompts for terms that might generate inappropriate imagery. Users can also report unsafe images using the Report button in the tool and we also encourage you to get in touch with our support team to provide feedback at any time.

We won't tolerate any use of Text to Image that violates our terms or Acceptable Use Policy.

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