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Turn any image into a PNG with Canva’s PNG creator online. With a transparent PNG, your image can literally go places—incorporated into a range of designs and optimized for the web.

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How to make a PNG image

Effortless background-free image creation

Separate your image subject from its background with Magic Grab

Transform any image into a transparent PNG in a snap. Use Canva’s PNG image maker to make a PNG transparent without losing quality or clarity. Completely erase your image background once for free with Background Remover(opens in a new tab or window), or upgrade to Pro and separate your image subject from its background with Magic Grab. Now, you have a PNG with a transparent background, ready for use across all your designs.

Enjoy the versatility of a transparent PNG

Edit your image background with Magic Grab

With the custom PNG maker, your creative possibilities are endless! Shoot a portrait and turn it into a background-free headshot, polish product photos by erasing the distracting backdrop, or separate your logo from a layout and incorporate it into other designs. You can also optimize your web image when you make it a PNG. Turn a JPG(opens in a new tab or window) or HEIC(opens in a new tab or window) into a transparent PNG on Canva and watch it go places!

Follow your creative vision with precision

Remove traces of your picture's backdrop with Magic Eraser

Canva’s online PNG tools give you precise control over your image. Brush off remnants of the background with Pro’s Magic Eraser(opens in a new tab or window), change colors(opens in a new tab or window) for artistic purposes, or switch backdrops with images from our stock photo(opens in a new tab or window) library. Keep using the intuitive editing tools in our clear PNG maker to polish your image to perfection before downloading—with the quality of the original image intact.

How to make a PNG image

How to make a PNG image

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