Church Flyer Templates

Spread the word on your latest church activities by handing out customized flyers right after Sunday service.

Church Flyer Templates

45 templates

Church Flyers by Canva

For compelling designs with soul and purpose, browse Canva's assortment of church flyers to further motivate your congregation. These templates are perfect for your shared clerical activities, whether it's a wedding seminar or an afternoon of Sunday worship. They're even free to modify using our drag-and-drop editor!

You can start by picking any flyer that catches your eye or suits your event. Whether you're looking to promote your choir or publicizing your pastor's latest talk, we've got the design you need. Use our templates to make motivational posters to hang around your community. Spread the good word and encourage people to seek solace in the church, or even in good friends and loved ones. Connect with the youth, work with charities, and hold benefit concerts for the needy. There are so many possibilities with Canva's collection of designs!

What's more, customizing these flyers is a breeze. Just pick a template and edit it with our user-friendly interface. It has all the tools you need to create solemn, profound visuals that can speak to the heart. Edit the text, tweak the colors, and upload pictures of your church for a more personalized look. You can even apply one of our advanced filters or use our photo enhancement tools. If you want other images, just browse our extensive library of elements. It also has shapes, borders, and lines that can be used to further embellish your creation. Once you've completed your design, remember to download and share. Achieving your church's mission is now easier with Canva!