Music flyer templates

Whether you’re cooking up a big concert or a small acoustic session, you can tune a flyer to any musical event with Canva’s collection of customizable music flyer templates.

Music flyer templates

Printable music flyers by Canva

Even if promoting music and events has evolved through the years and became digitized, nothing beats having music flyers for marketing. It’s a traditional way of informing people about new albums, music, and events. Any music promotion seems incomplete without a flyer.

If you need to create a flyer, choose from Canva’s collection of customizable music flyer templates. These designs vary in motif, theme, and palette to match every musical genre. What’s great is that these are free and printable!

Designing your music event flyers in Canva starts by looking for a template that matches the theme you’re following. You can browse through the collection or type in keywords of the kind of design you want, whether that’s a jazz or rock concert flyer.

Then, you can work on this template to make it unique. Canva’s intuitive platform makes it quick and easy to start designing a flyer for music events. We have thousands of design elements that you can play around with and add to your custom layout. You can click on the tabs to look for photos, backgrounds, or texts to add to your design. You can also type on the search bar to see specific illustrations or graphics that you have in mind.

Once you’ve finished your design, you have the option to save your file for sharing online or as a high-quality PDF that’s ready to be printed. You can also keep it with crop marks and bleed. Doing so lets you print your flyer in full-color, whether at home or your local print shop.

If you’re after professional-quality flyers, Canva Print is a service for you. Bring your design to life and create great prints that are ready for distribution. You get to choose from different sustainable papers and premium finishes for your flyer, delivered straight to you for free, so you don’t have to leave the house. From designing to printing, every step is fuss-free with Canva.