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Empower everyone on your campus to create, collaborate, and communicate with Canva. Get started with Canva Teams to unlock our premium collaboration features, or contact us to bring your students into a wider campus rollout.

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Design the future with Canva

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Marketing and admin
Streamline workflows, share knowledge, and collaborate between any department. Design, edit, review, give feedback, and more.
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Teaching staff
Customize content to make every lecture, class, and project engaging. Transform docs into decks, brainstorm over whiteboards, and tell stories with data.
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Student body
Achieve personal and academic goals by using creative, engaging tools. Developing critical design, data, and communication skills has never been easier.

How does it work?

Everyone on campus can create and communicate in any format, from docs, to presentations, to video, to websites and whiteboards. Stay on-brand across departments and teams with brand controls. Transform reports, presentations, and documents with branded templates.

Jumpstart projects with unlimited professional and educational templates, plus millions of stock images, videos, audio, and graphics. All integrated into major LMS. Support diverse learning styles with just a few clicks. Turn documents into presentations or videos. Brainstorm on whiteboards. Visualize data beautifully and bring research to life.

Forget messy downloads and swapping applications. Quickly share and collaborate between staff, students, and departments with 1TB storage for each team, all in Canva. Streamline workflows to maximize productivity. Edit, review, give feedback and share all in one place. Seamlessly integrated into day-to-day tools, such as MS Teams and Zoom.

Students can build key future skills in design, data visualization, and visual communication. With 85% of the Fortune 500 on Canva, students will master an established workplace tool. Any institution can graduate to a full Canva Campus with 100% student access, once enough licenses are purchased. Boosting ROI, investing in student futures, learning outcomes, and staff knowledge.

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Premium Canva features for every student

Empower students by investing in learning outcomes and teaching experience.

Unlock access to Canva's premium features for all of your students. Pricing is based on your institution's size.

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Why Canva for Campus?

  • Unlock premium Canva features for all of your students
  • Enable SSO to manage staff and student access
  • Streamlined admin reporting and permissions
  • LMS integrations, including Canvas, Blackboard, and more
  • Dedicated customer support

Bring all the benefits of Canva to your campus community

Communicate creatively

Everyone can take their best work to the next level with Canva’s Visual Worksuite. Create engaging, on-brand documents and presentations, reports, videos, whiteboards, websites, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Canva for Campus empowers students, teaching staff, plus campus administrators and marketers to communicate visually and collaborate seamlessly with Canva’s suite of tools.

It’s easy to get started by signing up a staff team. Once your institution purchases a certain number of licenses - based on total student body size, it can graduate to a full Canva Campus. This means your entire student cohort also gets access, 100% free. This means you can maximize return on investment for your entire campus community while you invest in students’ futures, boosting learning outcomes, and centralizing staff knowledge.

Canva for Campus is for everyone in a higher education institution.

  • Students and staff can create engaging visual content, whether it may be documents, presentations, videos, or reports.
  • Faculty can deliver interactive lectures and reports with the power of video, whiteboards, and data storytelling. They can also share assignments with students via our integrations with key LMSs like Canvas, Blackboard, and many more.
  • Administrators, marketers and other staff can streamline workflow and centralize knowledge for every group, team, and department on campus.
  • Students can achieve their academic goals and develop critical skills for the future like design, data visualization, and visual communication.

The benefits of a student team are:

  • All students on a campus unlock premium Canva features
  • Enable SSO for staff and student access
  • Streamlined admin and reporting permissions
  • LMS integrations with Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, and more
  • Dedicated customer support.

Canva for Campus licenses cost the same as Canva Teams licenses. The threshold to unlock a free student team changes based on the number of full-time students at the institution. This ensures equitable and fair pricing, no matter your institution's size.

Small teams can get started with Canva Teams, which unlocks all the premium elements and collaboration tools in our Visual Worksuite. Every license purchased can count towards the threshold to unlock a student team, should you wish to unlock this later on.

Right now, Canva for Campus is accessed by staff, and student team rollout is managed at the institution level.

If you’re a student, you can still access Canva Free or Pro.

K-12 (primary or secondary) teachers, schools, and school systems are eligible for Canva for Education. This is 100% free, and has dedicated features for K-12 teachers and students. Learn more about Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window).