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Unlock tools to grow your brand, cut costs, and engage more customers—with the all-in-one visual communication platform designed for work.
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6+ million teams are using Canva

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Supercharge creativity and productivity

Transform teamwork

  • Enhance productivity. Empower teams to create engaging visual content together from anywhere.
  • Collaborate in real time. Enjoy real-time, agile collaboration, tailored to your team’s working style.
  • Communicate like never before. Create your best work as a team. Communicate visually with Presentations and Docs.
  • Stay organized. Everyone can easily share and access files thanks to centralized asset management.

Features for all of your team

Features to help small and mid-sized teams stay on-brand, save time, stay organized.
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Team management

Enjoy advanced administration and reporting. Easily set permissions and controls to empower everyone to do their best work.

Brand Kits

Make it easy to design on brand. Empower your team with your brand logos, colors, fonts, imagery, graphics and internal guidelines all in one place.

Brand Templates

Create reusable branded templates using your Brand Kits. Plus, ensure your team stays on brand thanks to customizable Brand Controls.

Apps and integrations

Effortlessly integrate Canva with your existing platforms, like Sharepoint, Slack, Google Drive, and more.

Magic Studio

Find the right words with Magic Write, create custom designs with Magic Design or generate eye-catching images with just a prompt.

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Canva Teams customer benefits

Reduced production time. 1
Less external design workload. 2
Faster turnaround time. 3
Design saving costs. 4

“Canva has been really helpful for creative ideation and being able to bring ideas to life, without needing to rely on external freelancers. The amount of time and money saved is impactful both as an individual creator as well as for my team."

Richard Stevenson

Creative Director, HOORAE

Designed for teams of all sizes

Small and medium

Make visual communication your brand’s competitive advantage. Canva Teams is the all-in-one solution that will help you address design bottlenecks, bloated tech stacks, and collaboration inefficiencies. Unlock tools to grow your brand, create faster and engage more customers.


Looking to bring Canva to multiple teams in your organization? Get in touch with our sales team to discuss the best plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canva Teams is the ideal subscription for teams in small to medium-sized businesses. With Canva Teams, you’ll enjoy all the premium features and security of a Canva Pro plan, but with more ways to collaborate and communicate as a team. It’s the perfect plan for time-poor teams struggling with design bottlenecks, bloated tech stacks, and collaboration inefficiencies.

Canva Teams is designed with all the building blocks for teamwork. We’re talking advanced collaboration features that bring hybrid and flexible teams together in real time for more effective communication and greater productivity. With Canva Teams, you'll unlock premium templates and powerful brand features so everyone can produce engaging and on-brand content, faster. Teams can also benefit from real-time and agile collaboration, with the ability to invite, design, brainstorm, comment, and tag in one place. It's the perfect solution for boosting team productivity, thanks to efficient approval processes and built-in AI tools that allow you to resize designs in a click, auto-translate, and much more.

Both Canva Pro and Canva Teams subscriptions unlock Canva's premium features and tools.

The difference comes down to who’s using it. Canva Pro is the perfect plan for individuals who want save time and design with full creative confidence. You can collaborate on projects and share your work with others, but if you're working on a small team, we'd recommend Canva Teams.

Canva Teams is designed to meet the needs of teams in small or medium-sized companies. You get access to a joint workspace where team members can work together, share designs, and give feedback in real time. It’s the ultimate teamwork tool.

Canva Teams is the perfect tool for small to medium-sized businesses looking to simplify workflows and create compelling on-brand content, faster. More than six million teams globally in industries such as tech, real estate, hospitality, media, retail, and more come together to collaborate on Canva Teams. Whether you work in marketing, sales, design, HR, or communications – you'll love Canva's visual worksuite, powerful brand features and centralized asset management capabilities. Take a look at our Case Studies(opens in a new tab or window) page to hear from our passionate community about how Canva Teams has benefited them.

Canva Teams operates on a ‘pay as you grow’ model. This means you only pay for the team members who accept your invitation. There's no immediate charge; billing is adjusted monthly, or quarterly if you're on an annual subscription.

If you're on a monthly billing cycle, you can adjust your team size at any time. You’ll only be charged for the active people you have on your team at the next monthly renewal.

For those on annual billing cycles, we have four ‘pay as you grow’ check-ins throughout the year. We'll email the team admin to inform them about any upcoming charges and give them a period to update their team size.

Any additional costs will then be charged proportionally to the time remaining for your annual renewal. For example, if you add an additional seat at the first quarterly check-in, you'll be charged 75% of that seat’s annual cost.

So that everyone gets a chance to try and experience Canva, anyone who joins your team within three days of your payment date will be added to the following period’s bill instead. You'll only pay for team members who accept your invite, and admins will have the opportunity to review and approve new people before the next bill.

Creating a team in Canva is simple. Once you’ve created an account and logged in, click the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From there, simply add the email addresses of the team members you want to create with, and choose which access permissions you would like them to have. You can learn more about how to create a team at our Help Center(opens in a new tab or window).

Your designs are always private, unless you explicitly choose to share them or save them as templates for your team.

For questions about choosing the right plan or creating a personalized package for your organization, please reach out to our Sales team via the Contact Sales form(opens in a new tab or window).