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Run better brainstorms & workshops

Bring your best ideas to life with Canva's brainstorming tools. Run brainstorming sessions, work as a group to solve problems, build content strategy, and be productive in the same room or remotely.

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Brainstorming tools to bring your team's ideas to life

Searching for the next big idea? Brainstorming is a great way to get your entire team involved. With Canva, you can bring teams together from anywhere to unleash ideas in an inspiring, visual format and ideate in real time with customizable brainstorm templates(opens in a new tab or window).

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Solve problems and build strategy in real time

Whether you’re generating ideas or building a content strategy, Canva can help your team workshop new solutions. Brainstorming templates feature whiteboard functionality (with no risk of being wiped away), with the added benefit of real-time mouse pointers, built-in timers, and breakout functionality - no need to book extra rooms or find quiet spaces.

Whiteboards, templates, timers, and more

  • Work as a group to solve problems and build strategy with creative whiteboards.
  • Generate ideas in real-time using mouse pointers, timers, and breakout rooms.
  • Share and build on ideas with post-workshop presentation templates to include those who couldn’t attend.
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Share your ideas in creative formats

With Canva, teams can communicate clearly and effectively, with everyone given an equal voice without needing to be the loudest in the room. The simple drag-and-drop editor means anyone can effortlessly communicate by adding comments or reacting with images or emojis. Plus, team members can continue to contribute after the brainstorm or workshop has ended – great for individuals who like time to think or for teams in different time zones.

Work well together, even when you’re apart

  • Communicate with words, visuals, stickers, or even emojis – everyone gets to add their vote.
  • Use simple drag-and-drop design tools anyone can use, no design experience necessary.
  • Keep the session going allowing anyone to contribute, at any time, from anywhere.
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Action ideas with a content strategy framework

Canva is packed with online brainstorming tools for creative minds, as well as content strategy frameworks to make ideas happen. Wrap up brainstorming ideas by using Canva’s content strategy templates to establish goals, target audiences, or content creation. Then delegate tasks and assign teams to tackle next steps. You can add comments and prioritize the best ideas with stickers, then send links to your brainstorm or publish as a PDF, PowerPoint, or website - directly from the platform.

Set up a successful ideation process

  • Create a content strategy framework to plan your next steps and how to get there.
  • Delegate tasks and assign content strategy teams to make the best ideas happen.
  • Send links or publish your thinking as a PDF, Powerpoint, or website directly from the platform.
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"A tool that does what it's supposed to do and supports everything that you're trying to accomplish – like the ultimate goal."

Jonathan Roque

Digital Marketing & Content Strategist, Zapiet

Tools for productive brainstorming

Canva has built-in tools for brainstorming ideas and running workshops.

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Working with a team?

Invite everyone on your team to collaborate on designs with Canva Teams.

  • Create and collaborate across countries, companies, and departments.
  • Empower anyone in your team to create effective and professional visual content.
  • Use brand management tools to easily build and scale your brand with consistency.
  • Improve your team’s design skills with easy commenting, reviews, and approvals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to creative collaboration, Canva Teams has you covered. Start with a brainstorm template that’s ready for you to customize, then invite the team to add ideas via comments, images, or graphics. The Drag-and-Drop Editor means everyone can contribute in their preferred way, giving individuals an equal ‘voice’. Team members can nominate their favorite ideas or react using stickers or emojis, and you can share your brainstorm session for ongoing collaboration after the session has ended. Plus, Canva has millions of images, graphics, videos, and audio tracks to inspire creativity and help your team unlock their best ideas.

A digital brainstorming session means you can bring teams together from anywhere, and across any timezone. Instead of ‘talking heads’, Canva’s brainstorming whiteboards and templates make sessions interactive, allowing teams to actively participate in the brainstorming process. Plus, real-time whiteboards, mouse pointers, timers, and virtual breakout spaces make it just like being in a room together, only better.

Social media moves fast, so there’s always a demand for new ideas or better ways to connect with your audience. Since there’s no proven formula, a Canva brainstorming session is a great way to get your team involved to come up with ideas to make your social strategy work harder. Arrange a brainstorming session with your team and set a page for each topic - such as giveaway ideas, content ideas, challenges, or tutorials - and get them to add their thoughts on each one. You can use Canva’s Content Planner(opens in a new tab or window) to plan out the best time to bring your new social media content ideas to life, and delegate tasks to individual team members to make it happen.

Every business requires visual storytelling to communicate effectively and deliver impactful messages. Canva Teams sets your business up for success with thousands of design templates that anyone in your organization can customize to your needs. You can also set up branded templates to create content that’s always on-brand. Plus, it’s easy to scale and manage the entire design process, no matter the size or requirements of your organization.

You can contact our sales team(opens in a new tab or window) to discuss your specific needs.