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Use Canva to build your brand assets, maintain consistency, and help your team stay on brand with every new design.
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Safeguard your brand with brand management tools

Maintaining brand consistency as you grow isn’t always easy. But with Canva, you can grow your business with brand management tools and automation so anyone on your team can produce branded content that brings your vision to life.


Maintain brand consistency with simple customization

When you’re building a business, having consistent branding and a clear brand message is key. Canva’s Brand Kits help you upload your logos, fonts, and colors for your whole team to access, so every piece of brand communication is consistent. Even without previous design experience, your team can create stunning social posts, presentations, or flyers that reinforce your brand identity.

Content creation tools for branding consistency

  • Create social posts, presentations, email assets, and more with easy drag-and-drop design tools.
  • Upload your brand logos, fonts, colors, and imagery to your Brand Kit, so every design stays on brand.
  • Access Canva’s premium content library with pre-built templates and high-quality photos, graphics, video, audio, and fonts.

Work together to build your brand

Since you can’t do it all yourself, Canva empowers everyone on your team to be a brand guardian, working together on designs and building brand awareness. Canva streamlines design approval workflows with real-time collaboration, commenting, and approvals. As well as advanced brand controls like template locking, so your design team can keep everyone on track.

Streamline the design process

  • Increase team productivity by streamlining your content creation and approval process and publishing directly from the platform.
  • Take control by building branded templates, enabling version control, and template locking.
  • Set permissions and access files from anywhere by uploading reusable assets in shareable folders.

Create designs at speed as your brand grows

When you're scaling your business, complex design solutions add another layer of difficulty. Canva removes the headaches with ready-to-use templates, affordable tools, and less time training new employees. It’s excellent for visual communication for social media marketers as you can create multiple posts and schedule them ahead of time.

Set up your business to scale

  • Resize branded content for different formats in just one click, saving you time and design resources – all while maintaining brand integrity.
  • Promote your business through on-brand social posts, videos, reports, and presentations that can be effortlessly shared or published directly from the platform.
  • Add more people as you grow and get them on board and on brand in an instant.
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“The templates have made it so easy for everyone to update photos and save time on last-minute changes. Plus, anyone could do it in real-time without having to create new versions and rely on the marketing team to do it for them.”

Natalie Mallory

Recruitment Marketing Executive

Tools to help build your brand

Canva’s built-in design tools help you build your brand and maintain brand consistency.

Start designing with Canva
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Working with a team?

Design branded content and build a consistent brand with Canva for Teams.

  • Create and collaborate across countries, companies, and departments.
  • Empower anyone in your team to create effective and professional visual content.
  • Use brand management tools to easily build and scale your brand with consistency.
  • Improve your team’s design skills with easy commenting, reviews, and approvals.

Resources to help build your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re launching a new brand or growing an existing one, Canva has plenty of tools and features to help. There are thousands of high-quality, professionally designed templates you can easily customize to create on-brand content, from your first logo to your ten-year annual report. On top of the creation of marketing materials, Canva can help streamline the creative process with easy collaboration and built-in design approval workflows, plus files and storage to manage all your brand assets, no matter what size your business. Plus, you can publish or share assets directly from the platform to promote your business effortlessly.

Whether you’re a team of two or 2000, Canva can help you keep your brand on track. Built-in brand controls allow or restrict access to your team’s libraries and features, or control which assets are shared with people outside of your organization – great for engaging PR firms or for editorial about business. Plus, pre-designing templates with your branding means anyone on your team can make tweaks or update information while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Canva is also great for complete visibility so you, or those who you choose as administrator, can keep an eye on any branded designs that go out the door.

The great thing about Canva is that it doesn’t take long to learn. In fact, there’s barely any need for onboarding - simply invite team members and they can start designing in minutes. The intuitive drag-and-drop design tools mean you don’t need any prior design experience, and once your branded templates are set up, it’s easy for anyone to design, collaborate, and get content approved before publishing directly from the platform. Plus, Canva for Teams grows with you. Flexible billing means you can add people to your team at any time with the chance to reconcile costs before your next bill.

Every business requires visual storytelling to communicate effectively and build a memorable brand. Canva for Teams sets your business up for success with thousands of design templates that anyone in your organization can customize to your needs. You can also set up branded templates to create content that’s always on brand. Plus, it’s easy to scale and manage the entire design process, no matter the size or requirements of your organization.

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