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How Ausbiz used Canva to build a livestreaming audience of 45,000 in less than 2 years

Canva Teams helps this lean Australian startup report financial news at the speed of a major broadcaster

About ausbiz

Ausbiz(opens in a new tab or window) is one of Australia’s leading providers of live streamed economic and financial news. Co-founded by TV personality and Pinstripe Media owner David Koch and managing director Kylie Merritt, their mission was to create a platform where investors could connect with financial opportunities.

Since launching in March 2020, ausbiz’s audience has skyrocketed to over 45,000 subscribers — proving the appetite for a dedicated business news channel. At the forefront of the growing wave of live streaming news providers, ausbiz provides an always-on resource for busy, on-the-go market-watchers.

While the numbers are undoubtedly important, ausbiz is — at its heart — about the people. Their nimble team conducts up to 50 interviews per day with business owners, investors and other leaders in the financial world. “We didn’t want it to be a traditional news service,” says Kylie. “We wanted it to be about the conversations.”

The Challenge

Being a digital-based news provider, ausbiz aren’t just creating content for one platform, either. Their segments are viewed across a multitude of devices, from on-demand TV to livestreaming on desktop and mobile apps. This creates the additional challenge of optimizing their content across multiple devices.

Doing things differently comes with its obstacles, as well as its advantages.

Despite their comparatively small team, ausbiz produces a volume of content to rival many major broadcasting companies. This can create a challenging, fast-paced environment, especially when combined with the 24/7 news cycle.

“You are on and you are communicating with your audience from the minute you're up in the morning, till the minute you go to bed at night,” says Kylie. “You have this one-on-one relationship with your audience and they expect you to be there all the time.”

auzbiz uses Canva’s Brand Kit to control and access their brand assets

The Solution

Like most start-ups and those who work within the media industry, ausbiz is an environment where everyone rolls up their sleeves to get things done. “We don't have technical experts or studio crew, and we also don’t have designers or graphics experts,” says producer and news reporter Eliot Hastie. “Everybody does everything.”

The ausbiz team needed marketing and design tools that were just as lean-yet-powerful as they are. There was no room for clunky or expensive software that doesn’t pull its weight.

“When we started, it was pretty much from scratch and we had to find tools and platforms that helped us create what large organizations do, but in a quicker and more efficient manner,” says Eliot.

They found that mighty workhorse in Canva(opens in a new tab or window), which Eliot has championed since the early days. “I first stumbled upon Canva when we were doing our first seed round,” says Eliot, who has been pivotal in rolling the design tools out across the company.

“We started doing all of our pitch decks in there, and it just kind of evolved with the business.”

Now, the entire ausbiz team uses Canva to produce everything from on-air graphics to video thumbnails and social media assets. “It’s about speed, efficiency, collaboration and staying on brand,” says Eliot.

Sleek visuals across every touchpoint

With many podcasts and radio stations also covering economic news, high-quality visuals are key for ausbiz staying competitive. “TV is a visual medium,” says. “So in order for us to be successful, we need to have good design elements that people want to watch because they could just listen,” says Eliot.

Access to millions of high-quality images

One of ausbiz’s most-used Canva features is the image library, which gives them access to millions of free, high-quality stock photos. The team often uses these to humanize and add visual interest to their on-air segments and promotional graphics.

“We don’t have our own team of photographers, so we’re able to utilize Canva to get images and graphics that look good,” says Eliot. “They fit our stories, and make them look cohesive.”

These compelling visuals help to get — and keep — eyeballs on screens, which is the number one goal for broadcasters.

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“What we put on screen is absolutely vital to being successful,” says Eliot. “That’s why we use Canva — it gives us the tools to make those graphics look great, and get them out there”

Eliot Hastie

Producer and news reporter

Telling the story first with pre-designed templates

In the always-on world of news, ausbiz don’t have the time or resources to create elaborate designs for their segments. All of their producers have access to Canva’s design templates, so that they can quickly whip up on-brand, consistent visuals.

“Canva enables us to all have a cohesive brand vision, as opposed to 20 different producers creating 20 different things,” says Eliot. “We're all able to use the same colors and styles, and it just looks like one organization.

This means they can get back to doing what they do best — getting the news out, fast and ideally, first. “Our priority here is news — that's what we all signed up for, not to become graphic designers,” says Kylie. “Efficient tools like Canva mean we can continue to do the jobs that we love, but with the tools to make it look good.”

Pixel perfect graphics for every platform

Canva also solves the problem of making visuals look good across multiple different devices and screens with a simple resizing solution. “We're across a wide range of different sizes and our graphics have to reflect that,” says Eliot.

One of ausbiz’s biggest platforms is mobile devices, with many people streaming content on their commute home or during their lunch break. “This means that everything is smaller, and if a graphic is blurry on the TV, it’s going to be even blurrier on a smartphone,” says Eliot.

Canva’s extensive range of templates means they can always access the correct dimensions for mobile video, desktop video, short-form Instagram video and more. They can also use the Magic Resize button to instantly repurpose and optimize video across multiple devices, without sacrificing any image quality.

“What we put on screen is absolutely vital to being successful,” says Eliot. “That’s why we use Canva — it gives us the tools to make those graphics look great, and get them out there.”

While the technology of news reporting has evolved, Kylie believes that at its crux, journalism hasn’t changed. “It's still about curiosity, asking the right questions and communicating that information with your audience, '' says Kylie. “The technology just allows you to do it better and more efficiently and produce a lot more of it.”

With Canva as their modern day newsroom, there’s no limit to the stories the ausbiz team can bring to their audience.