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How Epicor accelerated their content design delivery process to end bottlenecks and backlogs for their creative team

About Epicor Software

To stay competitive in the digital age, businesses need to rely on innovative solutions and technology.

Epicor is a global business software company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1972, Epicor provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, building supply, and automotive industries — companies that make, move and sell the things we all need. Epicor is the essential partner for the world's most essential businesses, with employees located worldwide.

The Challenge

A strong brand identity is one of the essential attributes of any enterprise. When a brand loses consistency, the risk of brand fragmentation arises. Threats of a fragmenting brand can lead to a weakened identity, which reduces its overall effect in the marketplace, impacting the brand’s equity in the long run. Shaun Moshay saw this as a high-priority opportunity he could take charge of when he joined Epicor as VP of Global Performance Marketing. And that was just the beginning.

A never-ending cycle of design requests caused roadblocks in his creative team's workflow. They had to create marketing collateral using cumbersome templates in impractical software. Designs were often saved in non-editable or customizable formats.

Shaun shares, “In a world where speed equals value and opportunity, many businesses have lost patience with the idea that creative deliverables must take a long time. You have to move rapidly and still maintain high quality every time you create a new piece of content.” And so, to immediately streamline content production, accelerate workflow processes and align Epicor branding, Shaun’s first port of call was to contact Canva for Teams.

The Solution

Shaun first discovered Canva for Teams when he was searching for a marketing technology tool and solution for his previous company, Rosetta Stone.

At Epicor, Shaun leads their performance marketing team, overseeing content strategy and production, design, media, and web experience. Shaun's expertise also covers brand building, brand deployment, and distributing scaled assets, enabling him to reevaluate the Epicor toolset to meet company needs efficiently. Combined with his involvement in implementing Canva for Teams at Rosetta Stone and his familiarity with Canva Studio's team of brand and design experts when working there, the platform was an obvious choice for Epicor. He says, "It was an easy decision. I had the confidence from a successful rollout at Rosetta Stone, which helped me quickly realize Canva's value for Epicor."

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"Our Internal Communications team, HR, and talent acquisition teams, who are very active on social media platforms like LinkedIn, have been able to create organic and paid posts very quickly."

Shaun Moshay

VP of Global Performance Marketing

Instant brand consistency with customizable templates

To get things up and running as quickly as possible, Shaun's team worked closely with Canva Studio's team to set up the Epicor Brand Kit and build branded templates. The templates covered Epicor’s communication needs, from digital banners, brochures, ebooks, white papers, case studies, social media headers to various print collaterals that were print-ready. Every template created was customizable, so anyone could easily adjust to fit their needs while staying on-brand. The creative team used Canva's shareable folders to organize the templates and released the library of templates to over 200 people in their marketing department. They then deployed the templates to other teams, including the Communications, HR, and Talent Acquisition departments.

Canva's easy-to-customize templates enabled the team to increase the volume of template output by five to ten times more than before. Internally, the new library of templates was a huge hit and enabled Shaun's team to accelerate design request delivery efficiently. The templates also helped clear the backlogs the creative and marketing teams were experiencing and improved workflow in no time.

Shaun says, "The team at Epicor enjoys using the platform. Many have said using Canva at work is fun! In the past, our other platforms and tools were so restrictive, but now that those design elements are unlocked, with Canva, they get to play with them while staying within our established brand guidelines."

Creating customizable templates for every team need

The accessibility of Epicor's templates and brand assets through one centralized platform made it simple for different teams within the Epicor organization to easily customize designer-approved templates and stay on-brand even during a quick turnaround. To illustrate, Shaun says, "Our Internal Communications team, HR, and talent acquisition teams, who are very active on social media platforms like LinkedIn, have been able to create organic and paid posts very quickly." And whether it's recruiting, making announcements, or posting content, the templates have boosted employer branding through all their social channels.

A strong employer brand that works hand in hand with marketing boosts a company's reputation and ensures consistent brand messages are delivered. Case studies also play a big part in solidifying a company's profile and performance. They make excellent B2B assets in providing social proof about the company’s products and services. As a B2B marketing staple at Epicor, there's a constant need to produce numerous case studies.

Creating and distributing repeatable, scalable assets like case study templates within Canva have sped up the content marketing process for Epicor product marketers. Their designers can still dictate the look and feel, and the product marketers can quickly build great compositions and customize them on the fly. Shaun says, "To keep hundreds of case studies sitting with designers is a poor use of their advanced skill sets. It is better to have them built up as a template using Canva."

Centralized folders with designer-approved assets

When it comes to bespoke illustrations or assets, Shaun's designers use Canva alongside other design software. The designers would create custom illustrations in Illustrator and then upload them into Canva's shareable folders for all teams to access and use as needed. Shaun says, "Using Canva doesn't mean you can't innovate and create great vector graphics. Our design team has done some amazing work that we can now spotlight because we've loaded it into Canva."

Shaun believes designing for accessibility makes good business sense. He makes the point by saying, "Do we want our skilled designers to be churning out basic material or turn that over to marketers who can easily do it themselves? When a design is accessible, it means that you can scale the things that don't need to sit with a design expert. It also enables designers to focus and dedicate their time to more high-impact creative projects.”

Harnessing the power of built-in brand control and design approval workflow

Some designers may argue that accessibility in design opens the door for non-designers to go off-brand. But for the Epicor design team this is where Canva's built-in Brand Management and Design Approval workflow comes in handy.

Their designers can still have the right amount of control and supervision across the designs at their fingertips. Shaun shares, "It's a smart system. There's still the ability to cast your eyes over the layout, and the only legwork is just adding the copy, adjusting it, and then sending it off for final sign-off."

He continues, "As a marketer who's interested in growing a business, it's all about efficiency and scale. With Canva for Teams, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. We can still get beautifully produced work that is aligned to our brand but we can also do it incredibly efficiently. You get the best of both worlds. There just aren’t a lot of creative platforms that make it that easy to win on all fronts.”


Many businesses share this common challenge — brand fragmentation and the need to scale and move communication, content, and marketing efforts as fast as they grow. Adding impractical tools and multiple types of design software to the mix can further complicate workflow, content production and reduce brand equity when everything hits the market.

By centralizing everything onto one versatile visual communication platform like Canva for Teams, you can draw teams closer and streamline processes, helping you achieve the consistency required to boost performance, operations, and the bottom line. Furthermore, Canva’s intuitive tools, including customizable templates, Brand kit, brand controls, and magic resize, efficiently even out the varying levels of design talent to empower your whole organization to design while staying true to your brand.

It’s also important to realize that design accessibility is not a barrier to innovation; instead, it supports growth, speeds up the organization’s changes, and frees up production, creative, and marketing resources for essential projects. Shaun testifies, “Canva eliminates the intimidation factor of creating visually strong, branded assets. The marketing design community is talented but, efficiency isn’t always a top focus for them. Canva is a platform that helps to get it all done.”


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