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How JobTeaser uses Canva Teams to collaborate with teams across Europe

About JobTeaser

Founders Adrien Ledoux and Nicolas Lombard started JobTeaser after beginning their careers in the consulting industry and realizing that there was a lack of support and resources for recent graduates seeking full-time employment. They began their business with a firm goal in mind — “to help the new generation work out where they want to go, unlock their talent and fulfill their potential.”

Over a decade later, JobTeaser has expanded all over Europe and now serves over 3 million students, 700 universities and 80,000 corporate clients in connecting graduates with their dream jobs, and companies with stellar employees.

The Challenge

As a multi-national company serving a wide variety of countries throughout Europe, JobTeaser faced the challenge of creating campaigns that were unique to the relevant regional markets.

In addition to these many local user groups, JobTeaser also has three distinct subgroups of user types — students seeking jobs, companies seeking employees and universities seeking to assist students in their post-graduate job searches. Each of these audiences requires different types of visuals, assets, and overall marketing strategies.

“We have a small design team for a business that covers so many different areas, and there were always new design requests coming in that we would have to produce right away. It was difficult to keep up.” explains Mathilde Klotz, Senior Growth Manager. The design team was struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of requests that they were receiving, and were not always able to accommodate requests in a timely manner.

“The creative process was not streamlined, and there were a lot of one-off design requests that could have been reproduced at scale and done by teams on-site.”. Designers were wasting time making small changes or editing minute details of existing designs. The team wanted to free up their time to create new, exciting campaigns that could be scaled for use in all markets, but they couldn’t seem to find a solution that worked. Mathilde says that, “before using Canva, we could not find any other tools to scale design capabilities.”

And without the ability to scale corporate designs to different regional markets, local campaigns were at risk of being non-brand compliant. “Since we have different markets, everyone wanted to do their own thing. Some of our markets used external agencies and some did not, so it was hard to keep track of what was being produced”, says Mathilde. “It was challenging to maintain governance over this wide variety of designs that were created, as the quality was not always equal. We were worried about brand dilution” In the competitive recruitment industry, having a strong and recognizable brand image is hugely important for JobTeaser.

The Solution

After using Canva Teams at a previous company, and noticing that JobTeaser was experiencing similar issues with design creation and management, Mathilde suggested that her team look into implementing the tool. “It gave us a lot of autonomy for creating different assets and keeping them all within the proper brand guidelines. It’s a tool I loved using, and it was very helpful for promoting our brand”. She became a catalyst for change and encouraged colleagues to use the platform.

Antoine Filliaudeau, Media Creative Director & Global Brand Advisor, is thrilled with the time saving that his team has experienced with their use of Canva Teams. “The corporate design team can create campaigns, then each local team can select which features are most relevant to them and customize the campaign for their audience. In this way, Canva allows us to use designs at scale but still remain quite precise in regional approaches”

And when design edits do need to be made, Canva’s approval workflows feature makes changes quick and easy. “The approvals process is incredibly helpful for us to quickly get assets edited and launched, so we can keep campaigns on the proper timelines”, Antoine explains. “We have different permissions set up on different templates so that local teams can adapt designs to their culture and needs while still staying perfectly on-brand”

In addition to helping regional teams easily customize designs without having to submit one-off requests, Canva’s Brand Control feature has helped to maintain JobTeaser’s brand integrity throughout all regional markets. “Beyond scaling the design capabilities, having control over quality and the respect of the brand guidelines is very important to us”, says Mathilde. “Brand control is definitely one of the most crucial features for us, because we had a lot of difficulty keeping all of our assets cohesively designed.”

Since implementation of Canva Teams, JobTeaser has streamlined their asset creation and management process, and continues to do so. They are currently in the process of creating a new mobile application, and regional marketing campaigns to promote it. The team is using Canva Teams to create all internal and external assets for the app and accompanying campaigns, and are doing so with great feedback. Mathilde says that, “All of our teams were super excited when we began using Canva. From our higher-level employees to those on our “Junior” team, it has been massively helpful.”

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“Canva allows us to use designs at scale but still remain quite precise in regional approaches...local teams can adapt designs to their culture and needs while still staying perfectly on-brand”

Antoine Filliaudeau

Media Creative Director & Global Brand Advisor, JobTeaser