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Winning over Lonely Planet’s travel-hungry audience with powerful visual content

About Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet just received a 2015 Skift award for The Most Engaged Community Across Social Media. Their online audience of travellers (and the travel-hungry) are enamoured by powerful visual content. Canva Pro helps Lonely Planet to create these visuals for their social media channels.

Seb Neylan, Lonely Planet’s Social Communication Manager, cites the company’s specific design needs: a tightly controlled family of fonts, logos, colours. While these specifications are created by their US design team, each office has regional marketing designers.

“The social team works with our designers on a case-by-case basis, as sometimes we quickly need to turn elements around. For that, Canva Pro is perfect. It gives us so much more autonomy and allows us to be a lot more nimble.”

Each of Lonely Planet’s social platforms is driven by visual posts. Their Instagram features bold images captured by travelling writers and photographers, alongside graphics created in Canva Pro. Lonely Planet’s Twitter, their most active channel, uses Canva Pro to push promotional content.

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“Canva Pro is perfect. It gives us so much more autonomy and allows us to be a lot more nimble.”




Before Lonely Planet’s social team began using Canva in early 2014, they were either relying on designers or wrangling with PicMonkey. With the size of Lonely Planet’s social audience, Seb stresses the need for his team be constantly active and always creating engaging content. Lonely Planet usually have a number of active campaigns at any time; Canva Pro is helping the team to keep their posts slick and consistent.

The ability to design with transparent backgrounds is proving invaluable to Lonely Planet’s social team. “Especially when making elements we may use again and again,” says Seb. “Like to promote a monthly Twitter chat or weekly Facebook post.”

Seb is certain that Canva Pro is worth a monthly subscription. He says, “Compared to some of the other social tools and third party things we use, it’s one of the more affordable ones – without a doubt.”

“In a nutshell, Canva Pro helped us to tighten things up across the broad. We’ve brought the design of our daily social assets closer in line with our digital brand guidelines, through having set templates and being able to have our set of brand colours and logos in Canva Pro.”


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