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How Canva empowered Moneytree to create on-brand assets, save time and empower teams to design

About Moneytree

Founded in Japan, Moneytree started out a personal financial management app that brings all your financial information together. From your bank accounts, credit cards, and digital money, to your loyalty points, brokerage account, and cash spending, Moneytree aggregates all your financial data into one handy platform.

Moneytree has expanded its business to an enterprise solution, Moneytree LINK, collects transaction data to build their services for banks, financial planning firms, accounting software providers, and other fintech companies through a permission-based data sharing system.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Moneytree has around 90 employees including a thriving sales team that is working to roll the data platform out in Japan.

The Challenge

Moneytree’s major challenge has been designing high-quality brand assets at scale. Also, the company recently went through a full rebrand and redefined the new brand guideline.

With a dedicated designer in a lean marketing team and a growing sales team, it has become increasingly difficult to meet the demand for sales and event presentations with a short delivery time.

Marketing Designer at Moneytree, Hayoung Shin, says that the marketing team was getting a lot of requests to create and double-check sales enablement and presentations and they were finding it hard to keep up.

Hayoung says, “We were going through major marketing material updates with the rebrand and on top of that, we were getting requests to check sales presentations. The sales team is great with adding in the information but not always great with design. It was getting to the point where we didn’t have enough time to check every single slide and quality and brand consistency were at risk.”

With the sales team presenting to conservative organisations like banks, Moneytree’s presentations had to be perfect.

“Our main clients are financial institutions and they’re very traditional. We need to make sure our message is going to the client in the right way. While our brand is not very traditional, we need to make sure the balance of what we present to them is correct,” says Hayoung.

“Before Canva, designing these presentations was taking too much time and we were struggling with consistency and quality.

“In the past, our teams had to create a design request to change anything - even a few words of text - in a presentation. With Canva, team members can quickly make last-minute changes themselves - it’s saved everyone so much time,” says Hayoung.

The Solution

While the design team is proficient in using complex design tools to create high-quality output, these high-level programs are too complex for other teams to use.

With Canva’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop design tool, anyone in the organization can edit Moneytree’s branded templates.

“This massively speeds up the process,” says Hayoung.

“In the past, requests for things like sales presentations would join a prioritized queue. This meant it could take days for us to get around to creating a really simple design. Now the sales team can do it themselves.”

Hayoung says that the next step will be for the design team to start using Canva to create social media tiles.

“Even with our design skills, we can see that it’s a really simple and quick way to create high quality designs,” says Hayoung.


Moneytree’s designer has set up brand controls within the company’s Canva profile, uploaded branded templates that staff can edit, and organized everything into folders so the correct templates are easy to locate, saving them loads of time and empowering staff to design within brand guidelines.

Hayoung says, “We have all found Canva really helpful. Whenever we have had any problems with the Japanese user interface, or any design or technical issues, Canva resolved them quickly. Canva’s Customer Support is super fast and very supportive. Any time we’ve had any problem, we get a response on that same day.”

By empowering Moneytree’s staff to access their own library of templates, setting up folders for Moneytree’s specific graphic icons (rather than providing access to all of Canva’s icons which could be confusing for staff) and being available in English and Japanese - as well over 100 other languages - the speed at which the sales team can create correctly branded presentations has improved out of sight.

Moneytree Product Salesperson explains, "Our team enjoys Moneytree’s brand assets with Canva to create presentation materials that are more in line with our newly refreshed brand than the previous tool. We are also able to request design and marketing reviews efficiently when preparing proposals for our clients, and now we are confident that our presentations will be more compelling and in alignment with our brand guidelines."

Beyond the immediate gains in time saved and accuracy and consistency, Hayoung says that everyone is loving Canva’s new features and that it updates automatically whenever upgrades are made. This is in line with Canva’s commitment to being the ultimate tool for visual communication, today and into the future.

“We love that it’s growing and improving,” says Hayoung.

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"Canva and Moneytree are innovating alongside each other. It’s a perfect synergy."

Hayoung Shin

Marketing Designer at Moneytree


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