How Mud magazine shot to stardom with Canva

About Mud Magazine

Mud Magazine(opens in a new tab or window)’s humble beginnings began with Hector, a Mexican teenager who moved to the US in hopes of studying at an American college. After Hector was accepted, he had difficulty securing a professional internship due to his work permit status. Unable to gain the practical experience he needed for his degree, he began Mud Magazine in his dorm room.

Hector’s vision was to design a magazine that would feature a diverse range of creative people and their stories. He also wanted to transform his magazine start-up into an internship program for international students who are unable to obtain work experience due to permit constraints.

Today Mud provides young creatives with a place to unleash their creativity and the opportunity to connect, learn, and pursue creative projects.

The Challenge

When Hector first started Mud Magazine, he had no creative or design experience when it came to design tools and skills. He also needed an accessible and financially viable way to create graphics, presentations, and website material for his magazine.

That’s not all, as Hector’s magazine start-up also recruited many young international students. So he needed a design platform with easy-to-use tools that empower his young interns to create designs, collaborate on projects, organize assets, communicate, and stay on brand, all in one central place.

The Solution

Hector fired up Canva, an easy-to-use collaborative visual design platform. With Canva, what started off as a side project in lieu of an internship, turned into something much bigger. Hector was able to grow his magazine team and easily onboard them with minimal training and no design experience. It also enabled his team to achieve and maintain strong, consistent branding for all Mud’s magazine projects with features like Brand Kit and Brand Control.

Here’s how Liandra did it

By using Canva as the primary tool, Mud’s magazine team were able to co-create advertising, website material, social media posts, and the magazine itself, all within Canva. Hector could also easily jump in and collaborate with his team of interns, watch them work in real-time together, give feedback and comments, make edits, and approve designs, all in one place. Canva even made working remotely a breeze for them during these COVID times.

As the magazine grew popular, more interns joined Mud Magazine. To onboard the newbies, Hector would create onboarding presentations within Canva to help bring everyone up to speed. He also set tasks and assignments for his new interns on Canva to help them familiarize themselves with the tools and features. Canva’s Brand Kit also played an important part in making it easy for everyone to consistently stay on-brand on every design, and adhere to the Mud’s brand guidelines.

Canva has made it incredibly simple for Hector to bring his magazine vision to life. Best of all, through Mud, he’s been able to create a powerful education program to help provide equal opportunities for international students. Mud magazine’s content has also transformed from interviews and stories that used to feature their peer community, to pages now filled with famous names and celebs.


For many start-ups, setting up a business, a brand, its identity, and ensuring everyone stays on the same page can be a real challenge. Particularly if just one person is responsible. Things like cost efficiency is also a problem to consider. By leveraging the superpowers of Canva for Enterprise, start-ups and growing companies can work collaboratively with its people to lighten the workload, move faster together, whilst enhancing brand tone and voice.