How Ray White saves time and supports franchisees with Canva

About Ray White

Ray White(opens in a new tab or window) is one of Australia’s largest real estate groups with over 800 offices across Australia, Asia, and New Zealand.

The Challenge

Ray White has thousands of staff working across 1,000+ offices in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Having such an expansive and disparate team makes maintaining brand consistency across their marketing materials a challenge.

“We’re a big network. We have over 840 franchisees globally, and for a network of that scale, we can quite easily lose that power of consistency,” says Todd Alexander, Ray White’s Head of Marketing.

Ray White discovered more than 1,200 staff were creating marketing material using their personal Canva accounts. While he appreciated the initiative, it led to inconsistency across assets with incorrect fonts and brand colors being used. Setting up Canva Enterprise(opens in a new tab or window) was an obvious step towards improving their design flow and solving their biggest challenge – brand consistency.

The Solution

An important part of Todd’s role is making it as easy as possible for staff to create the marketing materials they need to succeed in their roles. He wanted to empower his staff to create marketing assets when needed. The most important factor in achieving this was making it easy for them to stay on brand.

Todd recalls learning about Canva ten years ago in a previous role. He loved how easy and efficient it was from a brand management perspective.

So when Ray White was seeking to solve challenges around brand consistency and content creation across digital and social media, he looked to Canva Enterprise as the ideal solution.

One of the most useful features for the team is Brand Kit, which takes the guesswork out of applying brand colors, fonts, and logos to designs.

Ray White uses Canva’s Brand Kit to create on-brand assets efficiently.

Todd’s design team creates branded templates for teams to use across the wider network of franchisees. This has been pivotal in strengthening brand consistency. Instead of everyone designing their own version of an asset, they draw from a suite of Brand Templates to save time, increase their marketing output and maintain brand consistency. Brand Controls enable the design team to lock or partially lock design elements, to ensure anyone using the templates adheres to Ray White’s branding guidelines.

“From an efficiency perspective, we can create a template and distribute it to our greater network at the drop of a hat. For us to be able to do that so quickly, especially when markets and seasons change, is a big benefit to us,” Todd says.

“Second, it gives peace of mind with settings, like Brand Controls, that when a member goes in and downloads and posts across social media, it’s compliant and the way we want it to be. To have that control is great.”

Curating brand consistency

Before using Canva Enterprise, there was no practical way to ensure all designs stayed on brand. A centralized design model with approvals flowing through one team was too time-consuming and slow-moving for their needs. So, franchisees created their own designs using whatever assets they had, resulting in branding that wasn’t always correct.

With Ray White’s Brand Kit and Brand Templates set up, Todd could confidently empower his team knowing the branding would be correct.

“Right across the network, our teams say that Canva is so intuitive and so easy to use,” Todd says.

“Canva gave us the ability to reach the needs of our people and made it super easy to make consistent compliant artwork. This also empowers more creativity across the network.”

Ray White seamlessly produced brand-consistent assets with Canva’s easy-to-use interface.

Empowering franchisees to self-serve

When designing marketing material, finding on-brand imagery and video is a universal challenge. Ray White’s franchisees use Canva’s Content Library to source the media they need to proactively design their marketing materials. This improved efficiency in the workflow has also helped transform their social media output.

Canva’s content library has also removed the need to create destination stock photos and timelapse videos. This has saved Ray White’s team investing both time and money toward commissioning professional destination videographers and photographers.

Quotation mark
Canva gives our franchisees so much more efficiency in doing epic social media content. Instead of trying to start things from scratch, you can go into Canva and all the templates are there. The access to the video and image library is so great that the team can do a whole series of templates in three to four minutes.

Todd Alexander

Head of Marketing, Ray White

Canva enables the Ray White team to design marketing material across all doctypes.

Increasing efficiency and output

Ray White’s franchisees have saved countless design hours with Canva Enterprise. Some of their favorite tools include the PDF editor, Content Planner, and Background Remover.

“Whether it's a video or a static image, having easy access to templates is really beneficial for our teams and franchises to operate quickly. That means anybody around our network can request a specific design, and then we can create it and allocate it to them as it's relevant for their market and their marketplace.”

Instead of each franchisee starting from a blank canvas, they’re able to start inspired with a template, customize it for their specific needs and publish it more efficiently than ever before. Using Canva, franchisees now spend less time designing assets and use that time to service more customers.

Canva’s real-time collaboration features have also helped provided significant time savings. Instead of downloading a design as a PDF and emailing back and forth for approvals, Todd can be tagged directly in the design and comment or approve with the click of a button.

"Canva is the ultimate time saver, not just from a team member’s perspective. It gives us, here at corporate, that peace of mind that we know the content we’re putting in Canva is the best that it can be, because my design team is doing it."
Todd Alexander
Head of Marketing, Ray White