How Realty Austin empowered +500 agents to design their own marketing material

About Realty Austin

Founded by husband and wife duo, Yvette and Jonathan Boatwright, since launching in 2004, Realty Austin(opens in a new tab or window) has become one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Austin, USA. With six locations and over 550 agents the Realty Austin mission is simple: To uplift the Austin community through real estate transactions but to also give back to those who need safe and affordable housing.

The Solution

Co-founder and CTO, Jonathan Boatwright identified Canva Teams as the design solution that would empower real estate agents, designers and marketing teams to use as a centralized tool that would help them create relevant, on-brand and timely assets.

“As an individual, Canva Teams is really easy to navigate,” says Gaby Proctor, a real estate agent at Realty Austin. “Canva Teams gives you all the templates, formats and ideas for what you want to create. I don’t have to worry about the font, I don’t have to worry about the colors. I just go in there and choose from the templates the marketing department had already created for us.”

And this sentiment is also shared by Realty Austin’s print marketing manager, Emily Williams, who is passionate about ensuring that the Realty Austin brand is represented and promoted effectively across all digital and print platforms. “Canva Teams has allowed our agents to customize their designs while also being able to protect our brand.”

“As an individual, Canva Teams is really easy to navigate,”
Gaby Proctor
Real estate agent at Realty Austin

Here’s how they did it

To ensure that every agent felt empowered to unlock the power of Canva Teams, Realty Austin rolled out classes and webinars with ideas on how agents can build their own print materials and social media posts alongside customizable templates that were provided by the design team. This meant that both the agents and design team were able to speed up the design process and create a foundation for the most commonly needed template designs.

The Realty Austin(opens in a new tab or window) team also tested and implemented Canva Teams’s built-in Approval Workflow settings, which allows the design team to quickly approve designs that have been created by agents and ensure that each design is consistent and on brand.

Learn More

Learn more about Realty Austin’s journey with Canva Teams(opens in a new tab or window) journey and check out how you and your team can start using Canva for Enterprise today and request a demo(opens in a new tab or window).