How Skyscanner rolled out a successful rebrand with Canva in six months

About Skyscanner

Skyscanner started in 2003 and was one of the first to show all flight options in one convenient place, thereby creating a simple alternative to travel sites that made travel feel like hard work.

Fast forward to today and Skyscanner has over 100 million monthly users. They've also expanded to offer the best options for flights, hotels, and car hire. Skyscanner is on a mission to lead the global transformation of travel planning from expensive and complex to modern and sustainable.

Skyscanner uses Canva’s Brand kit to create consistancy across touch points.

The challenge

Skyscanner’s expansion meant that their brand had to reflect the same evolution. Especially as they faced growing competition in the travel brand space.

Skyscanner worked with brand agency Studio Koto to build a leading visual brand that reflected their business and core beliefs in being traveler-first, sustainable, and a force for good. Soon, their new brand was born with a new logo, color, typography, photography, illustrations, and iconography. But that was only the first step.

What came next was the daunting task of implementing a rebrand internally across over 1000 employees, while also preparing to launch new marketing and sales material, including their app and website.

For Skyscanner’s Senior Design Manager, Judson Cowan, this was the most critical and challenging step. Consistency and coherency across all touch points was essential. But before that could happen, everyone at the company had to buy-in to the new brand aesthetic and tone of voice. And they needed the right tools to execute on it at scale without the design team becoming a bottleneck.

“The time saved for the design team and for the marketing teams was immense. To achieve the same thing without Canva, it would’ve meant hiring another full-time designer – and even then they could only work in a single time zone at a set velocity.”
Judson Cowan
Senior Design Manager, Skyscanner

The Solution

With Canva for Teams, Skyscanner successfully rolled out a full rebrand across their teams and external assets in 6 months. The implementation was easier thanks to Canva's ease of use and brand management capabilities.


The designers and brand managers created Brand Kits with set logos, colors, and fonts. They then shared branded templates to downstream marketing teams, confident that the integrity of their designs would stay intact. And they used advanced template locking to lock any elements of their designs to avoid unwanted changes.

With Brand Controls, brand managers controlled what others could see and do and manage any aspect of the design to ensure brand consistency. This was a relief for their marketing team. They now had the power to create on-brand designs on their own and market to 36 regions around the world.

With Canva, Skyscanner can move quickly with a platform that is accessible and easy for everyone to use. And what that meant for the success of the brand across customers and the industry was massive. As Judson exclaims, “The results were a successful, on-time launch of the new brand with a public response that skewed positive – a rare thing for major rebrands, the negative backlash is often dominant and loudest.”

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