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Powering a seamless branding process for tech startup, Updater

If you’re moving house and feeling the stress, there’s an app for that. Updater works by consolidating utilities applications and updating contact information, saving the average user five hours on moving-related tasks. Updater’s tight-knit team recently picked up a Stevie award, in the category of Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year.

Jenna Weinerman is Marketing Director at Updater. She explains how their business is to simplify the moving process, therefore Updater’s visual branding should employ similar tactics of clarity and ease-of-use. The small team, of around 30 employees, use Canva for Work daily to employ this design ethos.

“As a startup that doesn’t have an in-house graphic designer, Canva has been an absolute lifesaver,” Jenna says. “We’ve uploaded our own images and logos to our team account so that our marketing team can easily pull from a shared bank of graphics. Everyone on our team is referencing the most up-to-date assets, which allows us to create graphics that are customized, consistent, and on-brand every time.”

With Canva for Work, the marketing team share templates for smaller projects. Jenna says this avoids backlog and missed deadlines. Jenna says design headaches have been totally alleviated since the introduction of Canva for Work’s Magic Resize feature. When crafting posts for Updater’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Magic Resize automatically resizes each Canva design to each platform’s specifications.

Jenna believes that design success often comes down to a consistent color palette. She’s constantly making collateral for clients, using Canva for Work’s Brand Kit to keep fonts and colors aligned.

“The Brand Kit takes the hard work out of remaining consistent,” Jenna says. “It’s wonderful to not have to type in the hex code for each color! It’s nice to have everything right at our fingertips.”

Updater’s marketing team are using Canva for Work to learn more about each other’s design choices. This allows for greater collaboration and generates group discussion around the messaging behind Updater graphics.

“Since we started using Canva for Work, our team has created designs that more closely mirror the design choices and inspiration of everyone else,” Jenna says. “As a result, our designs aren’t subject to how ‘creative’ we’re feeling at the moment – we’re able to draw from our team member’s work.”

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“As a startup that doesn’t have an in-house graphic designer, Canva has been an absolute lifesaver.”




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