Streamlining the face of Yelp in 160 cities around the world, in moments

About Yelp

Yelp(opens in a new tab or window) is a worldwide bible for connecting people with great local businesses and all things food, drink and play. Each month, Yelp clocks 79 million desktop and 83 million mobile visits.

Alex Dawson is Auckland’s Yelp Community Manager. She says, “The job is to grow and nurture the Yelp community in each city that we represent. We’re the face of Yelp in over 160 cities around the world.”

In Auckland, Yelpers have forged a tight-knit community. “We have a vibrant community of locals that are passionate about Auckland and sharing their experiences both online and off.” Alex explains, “We host events to bring our community face-to-face with one another and great local businesses. Everything from floral styling classes — with beautiful French cheeses and floral cocktails — to craft beer tastings.”

With Alex hosting numerous events each month, her need for visual content is continuous. Today, design templates are vital to workflow. Alex says, “We’ve started using Canva to create clickable images for our events, which we highlight in our monthly Yelp Elite Squad newsletters.”

“It’s really brilliant for people like me who aren’t design­ savvy. I can design something that’s on brand and aesthetically pleasing in a short amount of time.”


All of the feedback we’re getting is that people are incredibly visually-oriented and these images are more interesting to them than block of text. Canva Teams helps us convey the idea behind an event with images and that’s a win.

Within Yelp’s Australia & New Zealand team, Canva Teams helps Community Managers share templates across the Tasman. Alex says, “It means we can be consistent in the quality and the imagery that we are sharing with our communities. I love that I can repurpose something that Lani [Pauli, Community Manager] in Brisbane has created by adding a little New Zealand flavour, rather than having to create it entirely from scratch.”

Alex was recently afforded a last-minute opportunity to present with a local PR agency about Yelp events. The rapid turnaround was painless. Yelp’s templates were easily accessible on Canva Teams, meaning Alex was able to create a presentation in five minutes.

“It’s really brilliant for people like me, who are not design-savvy. I can create something that’s on brand and aesthetically pleasing in a short amount of time.”


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