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How Canva empowers Zoom to scale their brand marketing efforts with ease

About Zoom

Zoom was named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, Worldwide. The company’s mission is to make video communication frictionless and secure, connecting people and organizations globally through a variety of communication products, including Meetings, Phone, Chat, Webinars, and Zoom Contact Center.

While Zoom got its start in 2011, the 2020 pandemic saw Zoom’s popularity skyrocket, becoming an invaluable platform through which millions of people connected with colleagues, classrooms, family, and friends via video while sheltering-in-place. The company experienced huge growth during this period, soaring to include an original average of approximately 10 million users communicating through its software in late 2019 to an average of approximately 300 million users by April 2020. Today, Zoom has over 6,000 employees, and offices located around the world.

Zoom uses Canva’s Brand Kit to control and access their brand assets

The Challenge

Zoom was operating with about 2,400 employees at the start of the pandemic. And as the company saw its product adoption skyrocket within a few months, the need to scale the business quickly was paramount. The organization began hiring staff across the globe to support its rapid growth.

To scale its global brand quickly and successfully, Zoom needed to ensure that there were infrastructure and systems in place to drive and maintain brand consistency across various markets

Zoom’s global Creative Manager, Brandon Realmonte, oversees brand design across the company. As part of a team of two at the time, Brandon found it challenging to support the growing team’s design requests. “We operated great as a small company. We considered ourselves a big startup, with about 2,400 people at that time and there were a lot of really good things that worked well. Once you more than double that number, that obviously causes some holes,” he said.

Ensuring brand consistency was going to be another huge factor for a rapidly growing global company. Brandon explains he and his team needed a design system that would “prevent staff from going rogue and creating designs that didn’t reflect the brand or look professional.”

As Brandon added to his team, it still struggled to keep up with the high volume of internal design requests that were coming through from staff, including social media posts, bespoke branded Zoom backgrounds, and posters for internal events, on top of juggling creative for large-scale out-of-home branded marketing campaigns.

Zoom required an all-in-one design system to support their growth, offer brand consistency, and streamline internal bottlenecks with design requests to free up the creative team’s time.

The solution

Brandon learned of Canva through a colleague and quickly tried the product. He was impressed by its ease of use and ability to help create professional-looking designs, even as an experienced graphic designer. His team shared similar feedback. “Everyone on my team definitely loves Canva and sees it as an invaluable design tool and not just for inexperienced designers,” Brandon said.

Brandon connected with the Canva team to inquire about a Teams account for Zoom and discovered over hundreds of Zoom staff were already using a Canva free or Pro account registered through their work email. Today, Brandon, his team, and Canva are building out the Teams solution for Zoom globally. The internal adoption has already seen more than 100 staff members collaborating on the shared Teams plan, including the Social Media, Digital, Marketing, Sales, and other internal teams globally, with more teams in more markets soon to follow.

Wendy Bergh, leader of Zoom’s online business, who’s based in the company’s San Jose headquarters, adds the centralized design solution can help further the company’s global growth. "We're looking forward to using Canva to help manage our global brand assets and campaigns With millions of people around the world using Zoom, Canva will play an important role in helping us to continue scaling our brand and marketing efforts while empowering our rapidly growing team to create content rapidly ," she said.

Creating brand consistency

Safeguarding the Zoom brand and ensuring there’s consistency across design assets that are shared internally and externally have been Brandon’s top priority as the company scales.

The Canva for Teams solution helps support a centralized, self-serve system where Zoom employees have access to design templates created by Brandon’s team, allowing for simple modifications to be made without jeopardizing brand uniformity. These include branded Zoom backgrounds for teams’ virtual meetings or events, graphics for Zoom Chats, paid marketing ads for social media, documents for Sales teams, as well as emails and visual updates for internal communications.

“Using Canva has been a huge help to us for being able to get branded templates to multiple organizations throughout the company, enabling them to design their own branded assets,” he said.

Brandon could set permissions within the account to lock down certain branded assets from being modified. In addition to utilizing the platform’s Brand Kit, this reduced the risk that Zoom staff would use assets that don’t reflect the brand, “which makes me feel good,” Brandon adds.

“The Canva Brand Kit gives me peace of mind that the assets employees are using reflect the brand consistently and correctly.”

Increased efficiency

Prior to using Canva, Brandon’s team received hundreds of requests for similar templates from various teams that were choking internal workflows. “We were doing virtual backgrounds for, say, 12 people for an event, but there could be about 20 of those events a month. So you're looking at hundreds of designs,” he said. Instead, his team was able to save significant time on design work by creating branded backgrounds within Canva that teams could update and use more autonomously.

“We’d create five backgrounds and then staff can do the rest. For us, I think that has been one of the best things about the tool,” he said.

The Marketing and Sales teams were also putting through design requests for customized assets for various internal events or meetings with clients, which contributed to the backlog.

“So I tasked one of my designers with: how do you make this as scalable as possible? So you have to do five minutes of work and they can go do a few hours of work?” Brandon said.

Giving staff the autonomy to access and update approved branded assets within a self-serve tool like Canva has helped shave time off both the creative team’s and the wider Zoom team’s workflows.

Supporting the team to scale

Brandon thinks that the Canva design solution has helped reduce the amount of time his team has to spend on project intake. In turn, his team can spend that extra time working on more sophisticated design work or brand campaigns.

“The designers on my team have high priorities. We’d go from designing an out-of-home campaign to having to design someone's internal announcement. It’s hard to level-set there,” he said.

Moving forward, as Zoom continues to hire more staff, Brandon plans to work with his team to build out a suite of Zoom-branded templates and will do it using the Canva platform. The intended result will be to help more teams across multiple markets, exercise flexibility to design within a self-serve tool.

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"Canva will play an important role in helping us to continue scaling our brand and marketing efforts while empowering our growing team to create content rapidly."

Brandon Realmonte

Global Creative Manager, Zoom


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