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Manage your team’s digital assets

Manage all your content and brand assets in one place with Canva. Organize your designs with team folders to collaborate easily and increase productivity.

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One central place to manage your digital content

Having all your assets in one place is critical for teams to create together quickly. With Canva, you can easily locate the latest design files without having to search across multiple platforms. With easy-to-use digital asset management tools, teams can work together effortlessly in Canva.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) made easy

Canva makes it easy to create, manage, share, track, and locate digital assets. It also makes asset creation more efficient by streamlining design reviews and repurposing existing designs. The built-in digital asset management workflow means your team can set up shared team folders, collaborate in real-time, add feedback, get internal or external approval, and publish directly all from the one platform.

Work as a team with digital asset management workflows

  • Create, manage, share, track, and locate digital assets. Repurpose existing designs and sync team files in real-time.
  • Collaborate seamlessly across the entire creative process with built-in digital asset management workflows.
  • Track and manage changes with version control, and access the latest, up-to-date designs.
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Stay organized with team folders

Make brand asset management simple with access to all your files and branded templates along with Brand Kits(opens in a new tab or window) preloaded with your logos, fonts, and colors. Easy file management means you can add or delete files and folders as needed, or use Canva’s easy-to-navigate dashboard to find what you need quickly. And no need to worry about storing large files or video asset management, as every team member gets up to 1TB of storage.

Team folders and file management

  • Get unlimited folders to keep your brand, client, or team assets organized and stay on brand.
  • Add, move, or delete files and folders, and find what you need fast using Canva’s easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Store and manage large files and videos with up to 1TB of storage per team member.
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Sharing, permissions, and team insights

Whether you’re working with your internal team or with external clients, it’s easy to share files and folders so the right people have access. You can even set permissions allowing ‘view’ or ‘edit’ access, which is useful when multiple people are involved. And with insights and analytics on every design, you can instantly see which team members view each design and when.

Sharable design folders and more

  • Manage all your designs and content in organized, sharable folders with the option to set access permissions.
  • Work from home or remotely without the inconvenience of having to upload or download files.
  • Design with Canva from anywhere with full visibility across all your team’s designs.

"Canva makes things simple in the best way possible. Simple is not easy. And I think Canva does a really good job of empowering you to keep things simple, which is oftentimes the best way to educate and instruct people."

Michael Rivera

Associate Director of Marketing Sciences, OMD USA

Tools to help manage your team’s assets

Canva has built-in tools to remove bottlenecks and increase speed to market.

  • UI - Drag Drop Editor
  • UI - Pro Templates
  • UI - Brand Kit
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Working with a team?

Invite everyone on your team to collaborate on designs with Canva Teams.

  • Create and collaborate across countries, companies, and departments.
  • Empower anyone in your team to create effective and professional visual content.
  • Use brand management tools to easily build and scale your brand with consistency.
  • Improve your team’s design skills with easy commenting, reviews, and approvals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canva is perfect for creating a centralized hub where you can store, create and access all your assets. You get unlimited shareable folders for organizing all your files, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard to find assets instantly. Built-in digital asset management workflows make it easy for teams to collaborate. You can share assets with internal or external parties setting ‘view’ or ‘edit’ permissions if you need them. You also have insights and analytics to see which team members have viewed each asset and when. Plus Canva integrates seamlessly with third-party apps. Seriously, it’s the all-in-one solution for digital asset management.

Canva is ideal for social media asset management as you can create, manage, schedule, and publish directly from the platform. Canva’s templates for platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, are already set up with the correct dimensions, so all you need to do is customize designs with your brand elements. Because social moves fast, you can get feedback and approvals on the go, sharing design links within the platform. And by organizing assets into files (i.e. sales events, product launches, or announcements), you can quickly repurpose designs using Canva’s premium library of high-quality images, video, and graphics. It’s the most efficient way to create social assets, to reach and resonate with your audience at precisely the right time.

It’s easy. Simply sign up for a Canva for Teams account and invite your team. Simple drag-and-drop design tools mean anyone can create stunning visuals and creative assets, even without any previous design experience. And Canva’s easy-to-navigate dashboard means your teams can set up shareable folders and files in an instant. Once you start using it, it’s easy to see why thousands of businesses, companies, and organizations use Canva, including 85% of Fortune 500 companies.

Every business requires visual storytelling to communicate effectively and deliver impactful messages. Canva Teams sets your business up for success with thousands of design templates that anyone in your organization can customize to your needs. You can also set up branded templates to create content that’s always on-brand. Plus, it’s easy to scale and manage the entire design process, no matter the size or requirements of your organization.

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