Canva for Teams Features

Empower your team, manage your brand.
Invite Your Team
Invite unlimited members to your team and easily share your brand templates, colors, fonts and logo.
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Brand Templates
Simply publish a design as a template and the design will automatically be added to your brand page.
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Content Management
Organize your designs in a snap by creating folders in your account.
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Brand Management
Branding solutions to manage, sort, tag, and organize your brand assets and templates to create brand unity across all channels.
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Drive team productivity and collaboration with ease.
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Creativity Tool
Inspire team creativity within a framework.
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Design Approval
Centralize and streamline all approvals in one place. Accelerate your approval workflow process. Plus, protect the look and feel of your brand.
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Single Sign-On and Security
Secure your organization and bring your whole team together effortlessly with Single Sign-On or Two-Factor Authentication.
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